HCG Diet

The HCG Diet using pharmacy-grade, injectable HCG helps your body controls hunger and prevent muscle loss while dieting.

Patients who follow this program strictly will often lose a pound a day.  This can mean up to 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!!*
Our program is unique from most in that we have licensed, registered dietitians involved in your care and our HCG comes from a licensed compounding pharmacy in right here in Northern Kentucky.



    Don’t do it!  You won’t even be getting real HCG. These are “homeopathic” drops that contain little (or no) HCG at all.  Plus, if you have a physician, nurse practitioner, and dietitian involved in your care, you will lose more weight and be more likely to keep it off!

There is no legal way for patients to obtain pharmaceutical-grade, compounded HCG in the state of Ohio unless it is patient-specific, individually compounded and prescribed for an individual patient.   In order to be compliant with regulations and provide the highest-quality HCG for our patients, we see the patient in the office and prescribe a specific regimen, which is transmitted to a local pharmacy that is licensed in Ohio and Kentucky.  The medication is then specifically compounded in either injectable or nasal form per the patient’s request, and is shipped directly to the patient.

“HCG 2.0”

HCG 2.0 sets you up for maximum success by combining your HCG program with our Adipex program.  Adipex will help you be more adherent to the strict HCG diet protocol, which means you will be much more successful with your weight loss.   You must meet the phentermine BMI criteria for your state in order to enroll in this program.

*Weight loss results will vary.

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