Combination Therapy

Let’s face it, there are many places you could go to lose weight.  But nobody has the experience and range of services that we offer!

We can help you with combination therapy consisting of more than one solution – maybe you feel most comfortable starting off with a simple meal replacement program  If you aren’t getting the results you want, we can bump you up to a higher level and utilize HCG or Adipex.

Perhaps you have tried all this before and are ready for a surgical weight loss solution.  We have one of the most experienced teams in the country to help you!  (See for more information on Dr. Curry and our surgical weight loss programs. )

Maybe you had a surgical weight loss procedure a long time ago, and have suffered from weight regain and need to get back on track.  Combination therapy is what you need and we have a team of experts in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to help you succeed!


    Ann is a patient of Dr. Curry’s who had a Lap Band around 5 years ago from another practice.  She had some initial weight loss after surgery, but wasn’t mentally ready and didn’t put a lot of effort into her program, and she slipped back into her old ways.  She kept seeing the scale creep up year-after-year and before too long she weighed more than before she had her surgery.

    Ann had a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Curry, our expert dietitians and exercise specialists.  Through the use of our meal replacements and Adipex, we were able to help her lose 55 lbs during her 6 month program!

    We treat patients in our Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers who need to get back on track – call us today, we can help!
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