Explore the pages in this section to learn about our medical weight loss programs to help you lose weight without surgery, or lose MORE weight after a surgical weight loss procedure!

We offer many different medical weight loss programs based on weight loss medications that act as appetite suppressants including:

In some cases different regimens can be combined to achieve maximum results.

NOTE:  There are certain restrictions (which are different in Ohio and Kentucky) for the use of Adipex, Qsymia, and Belviq.  Check out our Medical BMI calculator to see if you qualify!  Success with weight loss medications require a disciplined program including healthy diet, exercise, and regular dietary counseling.  Our team has the experience to help you succeed!
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  1. I don’t know if I am a candidate for LAPBAND, and I don’t really understand how it works, but I would like to know what it entails, along with the cost, and if insurance BCBS Anthem covers the cost. Diet pills do not work for me, and I need to lose at least 50 lbs. I do have health issues, which include Lupus, fibromyalgia, oa and ra throughout my body. I am 61 years old. So if you think I am a candidate, please respond. Otherwise, thanks for your time.

    1. Linda – Lupus or any other autoimmune disorder is contraindicated with gastric banding so that would not be an option for you. Dr. Curry

  2. I am 58 yrs old and need to lose about 35-40 lbs. I have tried many diets but was very successful on phentermine in the past. I would like to make an appt with your Dayton office for mid May if possible. I am very interested in the newer medications. I am healthy but am on thyroid medication and medication for cholesterol. Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’m sure we have some program that can help you Carlie. Call 513-559-1222/extension 1 and talk to Marcy or Debbie.

      Dr. Curry

  3. Yes i had gastric bypass surgery about 7yrs ago i find myself snacking more i havegain about 20lbs right now i l was 174 im now down to 166 but i have a issue with losing fat in my belly i was wondering would the HCG diet or Adipex diet or the combination would help me .And what would the cost be could you please respond on this for me thanks

    1. Certainly, Adipex or HCG would be excellent options. I will forward your information to one of our patient service reps to discuss the cost of these programs.

      Dr. Curry

  4. I’m 5 foot and weigh 225 pounds. I’m am interested in the non surgical weight loss. I do have high blood pressure and hypothyroid. Would I still be able to do the program. Would you email me what the prices would be around. I’m close to your Cincinnati area. Thank you.

  5. I’m 5 ft been doing fertility meds I’m done now problem is my thyroid is now 5.37 and I went from 130 lbs to 166 and can’t lose 1 pound even on synthroid . Had success with adipex years ago can this work again even with my thyroid being sluggish ?

    1. Check your BMI on the medical weight loss BMI calculator and see if you qualify. Kentucky guidelines are not as restrictive as they are in Ohio.

      Dr. Curry

    1. If you BMI is over 30 you can start in Kentucky or Ohio. Depending on your medical issues, you may have to transfer to Kentucky after your first month.

      Dr. Curry

  6. Hello Dr Curry.
    I would like to know if you had minimal surgery how soon will it take for you to be able to go back to work? Do you have to be off of work for quite some time? I have tried everything from hcg 2 adipex and nothing seems to work right now. Can you help me.

    1. Hi there,

      Most of our patients are back to work in 1-2 weeks! Unless you have a heavy lifting job then it could be 3-4 but no more than that.

      Dr. Curry

      1. On a previous comment you mentioned that u accept insurance for the surgical weight loss procedures. I have Medical Mutual and UHC. Which of the procedures do they cover ?

        1. As long as you have surgical weight loss benefits in your policy, they would cover gastric sleeve, bypass, band, and probably duodenal switch. Call 513-559-1222 option 1 and Marcy can help you more.

          Dr. Curry

  7. I’m 51 my bmi is 40 and i have a metro valve prolapse with regurgitation & high blood pressure which procedure non surgical & surgical could i qualify for?


    1. Hi there – we might have to get clearance from your PCP or cadiologist, but you should be a candidate for any medical or surgical program we offer.

      Dr. Curry

  8. Dr. Curry,

    I am 43 5’4″ and weigh 400 lbs I have tried for years to lose weight with no success. I really need to lose weight but I do not believe my insurance will cover the surgical procedure. How much does the non-surgical program costs and what may be my options?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi there,

      Our medical weight loss programs typically involve monthly visits with a doctor and a registered dietitian. While not as powerful as surgical options, higher-BMI patients are often able to lose 10-15 lbs/month.

      I would recommend giving Pam from my office a call, her contact info is / (859) 331-1035.

  9. Hi I am interested in non surgical weight loss options. Qsymia is what I would like to know more about, could you please give me more info on price for the non surgical options? Thank you!

  10. Could you kindly email me the cost of the adipex program and other applicable program information? I am in central Ohio.

    Best regards,

  11. I weigh 385 lbs am 48 yrs old. I am unable to take any horomone supplements due to dvt from birth control several years ago. Im not looking to do a surgery as I hear so many negative things but would be interested in something else. Can you please let me know some of my options?


  13. Dr. Curry –
    I am 5’6″, 233…I have read through your website as well from previous patients who have gone through your program. I’d like to make an appointment, however im unsure as to what program would be best for me. I would like a program where I can see the best results.
    Thank you in advance –
    m –

    1. Hi Michelle, sorry for the delay I will have someone contact you to discuss our medical weight loss programs.

      Dr. C

  14. I am a 10+ year post op roux en y gastric bypass patient. I am not interested in an additional surgical procedure. However, I am working on getting back on track and I was talking with a friend of mine from my old gastric bypass support group who recommended I contact you. I currently weight 249 lbs and at my lowest was at 190. Ideally, I’d like to get down to 150-175 or at least 190. My friend mentioned you had products/services available to people wanting to get back on track (ie. vitamin or supplements) and I wondered if I could discuss that with you or someone on your staff as to my best option. Thank you.

  15. Hello. I am 5’10” and weigh 371lbs. I have had family members who have had the surgery and I don’t feel it is right for me. I am interested in your non surgical programs and prices in the Dayton area. Please email me some information. Thank you.

  16. Hi I have a question about adipex. When I first talk with Robin at the Dayton branch I informed her about my having High Blood Pressure. During a Dr. visit I informed my Dr. about the diet program I was going to try and she said that adipex wouldn’t be good for me since I do have High Blood Pressure. I have already set my appointment with you all and curious if adipex not recommended for me is their something else for me. I don’t want pay for a program and don’t benefit it. Will adipex be safe for my usage? Please let me know my appointment 1 week away and I’m really excited. Thank You LaDonna

    1. We use Adipex in patients with high blood pressure all the time, but it has to be monitored. If Adipex is a problem, one of the newer drugs such as Belviq or Contrave could be an option as they don’t tend to increase blood pressure at all.

      Dr. C

  17. Hi, my name is Stacy and I am interested in the adepix or any other non surgical weight loss program you may have. I have used this method before about 8 years ago when i lived in Alabama. I lost the perfect amount of weight. I have been trying to find a weight loss clinic or Doctor who will prescribed it in my area. I have had no luck. I live in Ohio now about 2 or more hrs away from Grove City. I am 40 years old, 5′ 6″ andweight 188. After my divorce and moved back home i gained alot of weight. I have seem to not be able to loss the weight. I eat healthy and try to walk on the treadmill when i can. I have sciatic never problem and are limited to what i can do physically. I would love to get back to my ideal weiggt of 135-140. I could possibly come to the Grove City office if you have Saturday appts. Please help

  18. I am 58, had breast cancer, lumpectomy with radiation only,now five years clean. Have difficulty with hotflashes etc. Have been exercising 4 to 6 times per week, sleeping 8 hours, an d for the most part eating clean, watching portion control and recording food. Fasting blood sugar is 117, and blood preasure slightly elevated since menopause.. could their be endocrine or other issues. I am 5foot7 215. Can’t seem to lose weight. Ant thoughts. Are their tests that can be run? Costs. Thanks

    1. There aren’t any good tests that can pinpoint why most patients are overweight. With a BMI in that range a gastric balloon or a surgical procedure would be more effective than medications.

      Dr. Curry

  19. Hi, I have lost 144 pounds in 2 years through the treatment of pcos, but I still have another 110 pounds I want to lose. The loss has slowed to less than 5 pounds a month despite healthy eating. The reason for contact is that I have a ectopic liver in my plyloric antrum (diagnosed via u/s and FNA) so I am not sure if I am a candidate for the any surgical method or Ballon.

    1. I don’t think a balloon would be a problem, a sleeve might not be either but it would depend on the exact location. I would have to review your records to comment any further but if you want to make an appointment I’m sure we can do something for you!

      Dr. Curry

    1. Hi there, sorry for the delay. The initial consultation is $195, then follow up visits are $95. You see a doctor or nurse practitioner, and a registered dietitian each time.

      Dr. Curry

  20. Hello, I just found out my insurance will not cover the sleeve. I have type 2 diabetes and really need to lose about 120 lbs. I was wondering what other programs you offer as I can not afford to pay for the surgery myself.

    1. Hi Theresa, the next best thing to surgery for someone who needs to lose 100+ pounds would be a gastric balloon followed with an aggressive medical weight loss regimen. If you would like to discuss this option just send an email to with your name, phone number, and interest in the balloon and she can help you.

      Dr. Curry

  21. I had gastric sleeve approx 5-6 years ago, lost 100 lbs but have gained 60 back. Am i candidate for overstitch procedure? Do you think that is a good option for sleeve patients?

    1. Hi there – Overstitch is a pretty new technology and it theoretically possible for sleeve but there is not even any short term data on it. I’d recommend making an appointment with Dr. Pitt to discuss.

      Dr. Curry

  22. Hello, I’m interested in non surgical weight loss. May I get info on visits and prescription costs. Near, Springdsle/Cincinnati.

    I am 66 yrs old and generally exercise 3x week. However recently had knee surgery and have gained 15lbs. Haven’t exercised on over 3 months. When released I’ll resume exercising. Thank you.

    1. Hi Shelia, medical weight loss visits are $195 for initial and $95 for follow up. You see a provider and a dietitian each time. If you want more info just call 513-559-1222.

      Dr. Curry

  23. I currently take Adipex but feel it does not curve my appetite. I take prednisone daily for the past 15 years for my chronic asthma. What do you suggest? I think the balloon is my best option but my insurance does not cover weight loss surgery.

    1. It’s always hard for patients on prednisone to lose weight. A sleeve would probably be the best option, but if you can’t do surgery a balloon would be next best. You would have to make a commitment to a lot of exercise or a 10,000 step/day program to make sure you can overcome the prednisone and be successful with your weight loss though.

      Dr. Curry

  24. Hi my endocrinologist prescribed me weight loss pills and they were supposed to suppress my appetite and it did not work. I think it had the same ingredient as Adipex. It only was 37.5mg. Should I try Adipex? Before I consider lipo.

    1. If phentermine didn’t work it’s unlikely that Adipex would either. There are a couple other ones you could try though before lipo, like Belviq or Contrave.

  25. Hello I am 33 yrs old 5ft 5in and 243 lbs. I have care source and I was wondering what opinions you might have for weight loss. I have type 2 diabetes and a lot of other health problems. I need help

  26. I saw your commercial on tv indicating special treatment for people with diabetes and high cholesterol, but I’m not finding any info here on the website, only weight loss info. I’d be interested in hearing more about what kind of special programs or treatments you have related to diabetes. However, I’m already at a healthy weight, no need for assistance there.

    1. Hi, our commercial is targeted towards educating patients who are overweight that bariatric surgery can resolve things like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. We don’t have any programs for patients who aren’t overweight unfortunately.

      Dr. Curry

    1. New medical weight loss visits are $199. Follow ups are $99. The most affordable appetite suppressant is phentermine, which runs about $25-30/month.

      Dr. Trace Curry

  27. Hi Dr. Curry! I am interested in the Adipex or the Belviq program. Could you give me an average price and does the price include the medication? Also, how long do the programs last?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Initial visits are $199, follow ups are $99. This does not include medication. Generic phentermine is $25-30/mo. Belviq around $100/mo. Adipex is 3 months in Ohio, Belviq doesn’t have a time limit.

      Dr. Trace Curry

  28. I am interested in losing 50lbs non-surgically. My BMI is 32.5 and have high BP and hypothyroidism, age 65. Do you know if medicare will cover a non-surgical medical weight loss program and the hcg shots?

    1. Medicare doesn’t cover HCG or medical weight loss. Call 513-559-1222 option 2 if you want to discuss pricing, etc.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  29. I struggle with my weight and need something to help me with energy, appetite suppression and losing weight. I want to lose between 20 and 30 pounds and possible by June. what are my options as far as payment and insurance and requirements?

  30. I am twenty years old, 220 pounds and 5’3. I want non-surgical help to lose weight, but don’t know what’s right for me. What is the difference between these options, as well as their prices?

    1. Hi Mary – this is difficult to answer by typing, just call our patient service reps at 513-259-2555 they are experts at educating you on all the options.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  31. I need to lose weight badly need to loose over 100 pounds as far as I know I don’t have any related problems. I really think my issue is in my thyroid, I need help but I am not rich I can’t afford to spend a ton of money. I do however have health insurance.

    1. I would recommend calling our patient service reps at 513-259-2555 and they can help you figure out the best plan for your needs.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  32. Does Caresource cover the initial visit or follow up visits for non surgical? Also, how many follow up visits are required for adipex or phen.?

    1. Caresource does not cover non surgical weight loss unfortunately.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  33. Hello, I am very interested in starting phentermine. I am 5ft1 weigh 172. How does this work? Do we get the scipt sent to us? I live in Ohio.

    1. You must come in for an office visit face-to-face, then we would send a script to your pharmacy. Call 513-559-1222 option 2 for more info.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

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