You Will Only Regret Having Waited So Long

You Will Only Regret Having Waited So Long

Just do this. Stop reading testimonials and trying to decide if this is the right decision…because it IS.

I am 5’4″, grew up overweight, and graduated college at my heaviest recorded weight of 230. In my 20s, I dropped roughly 50 lbs by myself over the years, and managed to keep it off for almost a decade. By my mid-thirties the weight began to creep back up, and it seemed that no matter how diligent I was with dieting and exercise, I wasn’t making any progress.

After extensive research I decided on VSG surgery, and thanks to being a private pay patient, I was able to move through the process fairly quickly (one month from first phone call to procedure!). This was the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself, and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in less than a year. I’ve gotten even better about workout out and watching my diet, and the results show. I blew past Dr. Curry’s weight loss projections at all of my post-surgery check-ups, and now at only 9 months post-surgery have met my (personal) goal weight of 132.

This is worth it. You’re worth it. Do it.

Holly February 20, 2017

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