Thanks to Dr. C and his staff.

Thanks to Dr. C and his staff.

It has been a year almost to the day since my lap band surgery. I have reached my goal weight given me by Dr. C. I started out at 236 lbs. and now I’m weighing in at 163 lbs. I steadily gained this weight probably over a 10 year period – few pounds every year. Dr. C and staff took time with me and helped mold me into my current size 10. I was a model in my 20’s and I’ve since realized that I am smaller now, than I was then. I thank Dr. C and staff every time I visit the office. They laugh and say they are just doing their job. But, I remind them of a few of our previous conversations whereby I stated, “before my surgery, I hated looking in the mirror at the person I had become.” And now, (thanks to them and self determination) I can cross my legs w/o them falling asleep and, I can bend over and tie my shoe w/o discomfort to my stomach or suffering the headache that some times came along with completing such a simple task. I remind them that although these things may be minor to some…they are major milestones for me. I love the new me, buying new clothes and having co-workers & family members wondering what is HER secret. No more depression, no more “that won’t fit”, no more hiding out, no more non-socialization…I am free. Thanks to Dr. C and his staff.

March 18, 2014

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