Thank you so much Dr Curry and Staff for all you do

Thank you so much Dr Curry and Staff for all you do

Here are some facts and figures about my journey… Approximately 6 months ago I was banded. To date (my records which may differ from the office records) I am down 114 pounds from since the start of the Pre Op Medifast plan and 67 inches (using bust, waist, hip, thighs and arms as markers) My experiences have been VERY positive and I would recommend the band to ANYONE considering WLS. I found the recovery from surgery pretty easy -only recall one icky day -about 3 days post op. No magic bullets or great wisdom other than FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES DR CURRY SETS. I keep my carbs under 60 grams, my proteins at about 80 grams (sometimes more),plenty of non calorie fluids and my fats at 25 grams per day . I do keep a food journal. All this on ONE FILL (Jan 08). Have I slimed, and PB’d-yes..ALL my fault. Do I follow good bandster behavior -most certainly. My lifestyle is such (me and 2 cats) where I can open a can of tuna for dinner and its OK. I am a bit dull at parties and restaurants, but it is not to hard to pre plan and almost any place can grill you a piece of salmon. My reasons for WLS were to lose weight to facilitate a long overdue hip replacement which I will get at the end of August.As each month has gone by, my energy goes up , my weight goes down and my clothes get baggy.and baggier . I did not begin exercise till mid March. I started with lap swimming- a 40 year favorite of mine. My first experiences in the pool were as follows-the water felt great, but I had lost so much strength and fitness, but I kept at it. Though I was resistant(drive distance/cost) to join Fast Track Metabolic Center, my instincts (and Erin H’s gentle urgings) told me to try it. I was surprised at how much I liked it-I joined mid-May. The exercise did not hurt and the people are awesome. Though I have nothing (too much ) against the large glitzy gym where I swim, at Fast Track you get a lot of personalized care and support. I have had some wonderful conversations with other members. At Fast Track I feel at home and well cared for.-they will even change the music for me ! I noticed a few things recently involving my Fast Track experience . It was not difficult for me to add minutes to the Nu Step machine-started at at 10 minutes, now up to 40 . Its been a great stress reliever for me and had a cross training affect on my swimming. When I did my laps on Thursday(long layoff due to my schedule for swim days) , I noticed I was much stronger in the water, and my joints felt much better .I also noticed that the pounds lost/inches loss ratio just about doubled when I joined Fast Track (early statistics, but a statistic nonetheless) For me , this has been a win /win situation. A year ago I felt if I did not become pro-active towards my health challenges, I would not be long for this world .Today I feel strong and confident and I have reclaimed my life. Thank you so much Dr Curry and Staff for all you do.

March 18, 2014

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