His staff is the best in this tri-state area.

His staff is the best in this tri-state area.

My first visit with Dr. Curry, I was a little nervous. Charity said, when you leave, you will say, I wanted this surgery yesterday. She was a 100% right. I haven’t had the surgery yet, but cannot wait till I do. I had my psyc. evaluation on Friday and I was not nervous what so ever. I thought that I would be, but I believe that I did fine. I am just ready to get this weight off and start being healthy again. I have told several people about me having this surgery and everyone has been so supportive of me, because they know how long I have been struggling with this. I know a few people that have had this done and they are so happy they did it, and Dr. Curry did their surgery. He is awesome, he comes in sits down with you and talks to you like he has known you all his life. His staff has the be the best in this tri-state area. They are all caring, and they treat you like family. You all are awesome, pat yourself on the back!!! thanks a bunch, Donna

March 18, 2014

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