Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve

I had my gastric Sleeve done March 24, 2016. Two wka ago today. I have lost 24 pounds since my pre 0p diet. The surgery well. I only had to take my pain medication the first night. After that the pain was from the gas. I took chewable gasx for that. That lasted about 3 days. Today it’s been 2 was and I feel feel great. Can’t wait to eat real food again. Lol. I must admit, I wonder if I ever will. I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 about a yr ago. I didn’t take anything for it but my weight just kept going up. I am happy to say that my sugar levels ate normal now. 95_100. Which is one reason I had the surgery. I didn’t want to end up on insulin. Dr Curry is awesome. He did band surgeries on my daughter and my husband 7 years ago. My surgery team was awesome. Giving me pain medication and making sure I was comfortable. My ride home was a little rough. It is 4 hours to where I live. The roads are so bumpy. I knew Dr Curry has a good reputation and the cost for the surgery is about 10,000 cheaper than where I live. I might add, that I am self pay. I had a car accident 4 years ago, and I used my settlement money to pay for my surgery. I know it is the best choice I’ve made. Thank you Dr. Curry and staff. You’re awesome!

Loraine April 12, 2016

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