I am feeling SO much better health wise…

I am feeling SO much better health wise…

Dr. Curry & staff,

Just wanted to give all of you an update on my weight loss progress. I hit my goal weight yesterday of 180. I am feeling SO much better health wise… I had some of my bloodwork done and my total cholesterol is 158, my triglycerides are 72 (optimal is below 150), BMI checked at 28 (still a little high). Resting heart rate of 56 thanks to the cycling and other exercise. I have attached before (ugh!) and after photos to show the difference.

All please pray that I continue on this path and can reach my stretch goals… 170 lb. and maintenance between these weights from now on (the harder long term goal). I couldn’t/can’t reach any of these goals without God’s and your support!


Goal 180Before

Robin S. Sleeve patient August 26, 2014

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