Amazing results!

Amazing results!

I was very Leery of asking a doctor for help loosing weight. I have been heavy most of my life. I would try dieting and other things with little success. I asked my regular doctor for help and all I got told was eat less workout more .. Its was very Discouraging. I did all that and I could only loose a few pounds. So I thought I was going to be fat the rest of my life. I was in the mind set I was going to weigh about 280 for ever. I’m male 5″11 so it was not really bad ..that’s what I made my self think. Then I started gaining more weight for no real reason . I had hot changed any thing before I could not loose no matter what I tried. I got up to 331 lbs before I called Dr curry. Thank God I did I found the best team of Professionals I believe in this area in the industry. A kind friendly staff That was understanding And extremely helpfulI found out that I was not alone. There are lots of people in my situation But I’m struggling to lose weight But find it easy to gain. I knew I did not want surgery going in I was hoping there was a medication I can take To help me lose weight After going over all my options Which there are lots We decided on a medication That has worked miracles When I started with dr. Curry’s office The most I’ve ever lost on my own was 10-12 lbs and I would regain that weight in a matter of a few weeks after I stopped the diet. I have been working with Dr Curry’s amazing staff for approximately 9 weeks and I have lost 50 lbs and still going strong. If you really are serious about losing weight I hope you make the phone call. I could not do this on my own ..I
Tried. If your reading this than you are thinking will this work? It will .. There is hope. I’m a avg person just like you . I read every review I could find about all the doctor options .. You can stop searching you have found the best. All you have to do is pick up the phone. It will change your life. It has mine. No one else can do it for you. There was no reason forme to make my call the day I did .. I just woke up one day and said enough. I have to try something else because what I’m doing is not working. Make today your day to say enough!!

Daniel August 2, 2016

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