It’s Monday after my Friday procedure. I haven’t needed a single pain pill, and only needed the anti-nausea and anti-spasm meds for one day. I just walked several blocks to buy new batteries for my scale. I’m down 42lbs since I began my pre-op diet 23 days ago. The day of the procedure was surreal, but how could it not be? What hadn’t occurred to me until after the fact was my job was to be a passenger … all of the hard and scary stuff happened when I was unconscious. I just needed to make the choice. For me, a three year old daughter and a son due in a few weeks – and years added to my time with them – were plenty. The hard part is still to come: addressing the emotional causes and damages of my struggle. But I’m thrilled to have a new setting in which to do that work, instead of the old stuck place where I’d stripped all my gears fighting a losing battle for over 30 years.

Pete August 30, 2016

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