A person can’t go wrong with Dr. C.!!!

A person can’t go wrong with Dr. C.!!!

Though Dr. C. didn’t do the lapband, he and his staff have been kind, caring, experienced in many aspects and have accommodated me in every way possible. I have the MIDband, put in in Mexico, the port floats and I must repeat Dr. C. and his staff are the BEST! He has not done a fill/unfill w/floro and is wonderful @ finding the right spot. Bless Lisa for being there with the numbing spray, Erin to answer all my questions/emails dumb or not, Charity for always having a friendly, smiling face to greet me, and Dr. C. with the steady, true hands. I have to drive 6 hrs. from GA, but it’s more than well worth the trip. Heah, I drive for a living so that is no big deal, I’m just glad I found him and his staff when I needed them most. A person can’t go wrong with Dr. C.!!!

March 18, 2014

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