Band-To-Sleeve Conversion with Medtronic’s New Signia Smart Stapler

Band-To-Sleeve Conversion

Band-to-sleeve conversion is becoming a more popular procedure amongst weight loss surgeons.  The gastric band, once the most popular weight loss surgery in the world, has worked well for many patients over the years. However, some patients either had issues requiring removal of their band, or perhaps didn’t achieve their weight loss goals due to the limited power of gastric banding in higher BMI patients. At JourneyLite, we have done over a thousand successful band-to-sleeve conversions and we typically find fantastic success in most patients who undergo this procedure. While it is a little more complicated than a routine gastric sleeve, in experienced hands it can be done safely and most of the time in a single operation. Take a look at this video, recorded by Dr. Trace Curry at JourneyLite Surgery Center in Cincinnati, to learn more about band-to-sleeve conversion surgery!