Sleeve gastrectomy is a less invasive option for patients considering surgical weight loss

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric Sleeve/Sleeve Gastrectomy/(VSG)

Patients frequently come to the office to see me looking for a solution to their excess weight.  Most patients say that they have been on hundreds of diets over the years and have lost and gained the same 100 pounds over and over again.  Sometimes patients say they don’t want to consider surgery because they know someone who had a gastric bypass in the past and had complications.

The reality is that obesity has serious medical consequences and sometimes patients don’t think about that. Yo-yo dieting also has health implications that need to be considered.  Often patients only think about the risks of surgery, when diabetes may be right around the corner.  The long-term complications of diabetes are serious and sometimes devastating, and can even be fatal.  Other weight related medical problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and sleep apnea can reduce a your life expectancy significantly and studies show that surgical weight loss reduces long-term death rates as well.

I would encourage patients who are afraid of surgery to look at the modern techniques and procedures that we utilize instead of looking at the outcomes of patients who had surgery in the past.  Most of these procedures now are done in at outpatient setting, with a minimally invasive technique, and are very safe and effective in reducing or eliminating weight related medical problems.

The sleeve gastrectomy and the Lap Band are by far the most popular procedures today, as they have a very low risk of death or complications as compared to open gastric bypass.  Some studies show greater than 90 percent change of diabetes remission as well.

If you are unsure which procedure might be best for you, all you need to do is come in for a consultation with myself or my partner, Dr. Tracy Pitt, and we can figure out which option would be the right fit!  Consultations available in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton!


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