ReShape Gastric Balloon Receives FDA Approval

Gastric Ballon Reshape Duo

The Reshape Duo Intra Gastric Balloon

On Tuesday the FDA announced approval of the ReShape Duo Intra Gastric Balloon.  The first truly non-surgical weight loss procedure available in the United States, the ReShape system is a removal, temporary gastric balloon that helps patients get full earlier and lose weight without surgery.

Although no incisions are made, the balloon does require a brief endoscopic procedure under anesthesia to both insert and remove the device.

Gastric balloons have been available for many years outside of the US, and the ReShape gastric balloon has an excellent safety record already established outside of the states.

We expect to be able to start offering this procedure to our patients in the coming months and are excited about adding another treatment option to our arsenal for combating the disease of obesity.

Trace Curry MD

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