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  1. christine says:

    I’m interested in trying Belviq…I’ve taken Adipex before w great results. ..also curious if the dayton office is able to prescribe Adipex? Previously I’ve had to go to KY to be part of a weight loss center and would love it if I didn’t have to drive that far.
    I had gastric bypass back in 2003 and lost over 100 pounds and maintained weight loss till 2005 when I got pregnant unfortunately I gained a ton of weight and I’m finding it almost impossible to get it back off…I’d love to have the bypass done over if that’s at all an option, I’m sure there’s a lot of new options available. ..any information you can provide would be great….

    1. Hi there – I will have Robin contact you from our Dayton office to discuss your options!

      Dr. Curry

  2. Hi my is tiffany and I weigh 287lbs and my mbi is 49 I would very much like to lose weight without surgery of any kind and wanted to know what my options Are nothing I do seems to work

    1. Hi Tiffany, there are many non surgical options including phentermine, Belviq, Qsymia, and Contrave. Give us a call and we can discuss!

      Dr. C

  3. I am in desperate need to help curb my appetite. I can’t remember a time, since I was a child and now 38 that I wasn’t hungry, even after a meal fit for 2 kings. Even after eating right, running, weight training, zumba and crossfit I cannot lose weight. I have little to no self esteem and my issues are all consuming and effecting my marriage. Please help.

    1. Hi Tarah – just fill out an appointment request and indicate what you’re interested in, I’ll have someone call you to discuss.

      Dr. C

  4. Holly Dean says:

    Do you accept any type of insurance? I have blue cross/blue shield

    1. Holly we do accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield however medical weight loss appointments are typically not covered.

      Dr. Curry

  5. Do you recommend the Balloon over the Sleeve?

    1. It’s like comparing apples to oranges Stacy…there are definite pro’s and con’s to each procedure.

  6. Hi, I am 26 years old, and weight is 88kg(165cm). Which option can I choose?

    1. For a BMI of 32 a gastric balloon, Lap Band, or medical weight loss all could be options. Give a call to 513-259-2555 and one of our patient service representatives can help you figure it out!

      Dr. Curry

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