Protein Pack-7 day




The 7-Day Protein Pack is a combination of products that provides you with complete meal replacements for days 1 and 2, then a 5 and 1 plan for days 3-7.  When followed strictly and accompanied by exercise, typically patients will lose 4-8 lbs!

You will be choosing a total of 5 boxes, 1 box in each step of the order!

Day 1 – liquid day:  choose 1 box from soup, fruit drink, or gelatin categories.  Consume 5 of these on day 1!

Day 2 – puree day: choose 1 box from shakes/puddings, oatmeals, hot beverages, or soup categories.  Consume 5 of these on day 2!

Day 3-7 – 5 & 1 days:  choose 1 box from bar category, choose 2 boxes from remaining categories.  Consume 5 products (with a maximum of 1 bar) daily, then eat a lean/green meal at night!


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