Orbera Intra-gastric Weight Loss Balloon Infosession With Dr. Trace Curry

Dr. Curry's First Orbera Intra-Gastric Weight Loss Balloon Patient

First Orbera Patient!

The Orbera Intra-gastric Weight Loss Balloon represents a new era for the treatment of obesity in America. No longer do you have to choose only between less effective medications or riskier surgeries. The Orbera Weight Loss Balloon is an incisionless, outpatient procedure that can give you the boost you need to get the scale moving quickly! Weight loss proven to be 3.1x greater than diet and exercise alone, watch the video below to find out if you’re a candidate!

Performed under light sedation in a comfortable outpatient setting at JourneyLite of Cincinnati, the procedure takes about 15 minutes.  Patients are home from their procedure in an hour or two and in most cases can return to work the next day.

The ReShape Duo balloon will be a very similar process once we get trained on it, which should be in the coming months.

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14 thoughts on “Orbera Intra-gastric Weight Loss Balloon Infosession With Dr. Trace Curry

    1. The balloon is $6500 and your BMI has to be over 30. Insurance doesn’t pay for it but you can use HSA/FLEX accounts.

        1. Yes just click on “Financing Options” on the right hand side of the web site – we use Prosper Healthcare Lending.

          Dr. Curry

  1. I just saw your commercial. Just wondering does the Orbera product have some type of an x-ray marker in it, on it which if it deflated and balloon left your stomach, that the balloon would be picked up on xray if it was stuck within your intestines. Reason I ask, many years ago there was a product called a gastric bubble, unfortunately I had one placed, it deflated and it was stuck in my intestines – but its exact location was not known due to not having this marker. I had to have a major surgical procedure to have this product removed, I did not pass it. I know times have changed as well as technology – perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue now. But I felt compelled to raise the question. So that one patient like myself – who didn’t know any better, doesn’t have to go through what I went through due to not having this marker. Thanks for reading my comment.

    1. Now the balloons are typically filled with saline and a blue dye, so that if it ruptures you would know it because it turns the urine blue. Then we would take it out before it even got into the intestines.

      Dr. Curry

  2. I am 70 years old and have struggled thru many diets losing as much as 60 lbs. only to regain the weight. I would really like to preserve my life, and get healthy. I just want to know what the downside is to having this gastric balloon. Since there is no insurance to pay for this, how can I mange my risk, I don’t want an infection or problems that could compromise my good health at this point.

    1. Complications are rare with the balloon aside from around 5% of patients needing early removal due to intolerance of the device. Infections are nearly unheard of. If you would like to speak to someone about other potential risks just call 513-259-2555.

      Dr. C

    1. If a hiatal hernia is really large a balloon cannot be placed. This has happened only once or twice in our 300+ balloon series.

      Dr. Curry

  3. I had the balloon implanted last year but had to have it removed early because I continued to throw up. I really want to try again. What are the odds that my body will reject it again?

    1. I would not recommend another balloon in a patient who already had to have one removed early for intolerance. Perhaps a Lap Band or a sleeve would be a better option.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

    1. Hi there, we do have a Columbus address its listed on the bottom of the web site.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

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