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Getting started with the CurryCare app!

Getting Started with the CurryCare App “CurryCare” is an iPhone/Android app that integrates with our own wireless bioimpedance scale and wireless activity/sleep tracker.  It enables our team to remain in close communication with you, alerts us when you may be deviating from your program, and gives us objective data on your food intake to help [...]

Obalon Pre-Procedure Meds

The Obalon swallowable gastric balloon is unique in that treatment is gradual, and the balloons are filled with nitrogen gas which makes them float on top of the gastric contents.  These are the primary reasons that Obalon patients tend to have much less nausea and vomiting than patients receiving traditional saline-filled balloons.  Although symptoms are […]

Obalon Placebo Swallow

The Obalon “Swallowable” Gastric Balloon is a unique new treatment for obesity.  Since the capsule itself is slightly bigger than a large multivitamin capsule, we need to make sure the patient can swallow it adequately beforehand.   We do this with what is called an “Obalon placebo swallow.” Obalon supplies us with dissolvable capsules that are […]

Get $500 off and up to $1000 in rebates!

For a limited time you can get up to $1500 total off your procedure! Dr. Trace Curry at JourneyLite Physicians was just approved to do the new Obalon "swallowable" gastric balloon procedure.  We will be offering this unique new swallowable balloon technology at our main Cincinnati location, but will be seeing patients for consultations in our [...]

Obalon “Swallowable” Gastric Balloon in Cincinnati, Ohio

This technique has some major advantages over traditional gastric balloons.  Most importantly, increasing the total balloon volume gradually over time results in much better tolerance than inserting an Orbera or ReShape and immediately inflating it up to 900cc’s.  This results in much less nausea and vomiting upon each balloon placement, allowing most patients to return […]

Our First Virtual Support Group!

Join us on VHPGO! Virtual+Live Support Group Wednesday January 24th, 6:30-7:30 pm Topic: Goal Setting Join us on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30pm for our first ever virtual support group through our new VHPGO app!  Rebecca Erdman RD/LD will discuss strategies on successful goal setting towards achieving your healthy weight.  This will be a great […]

New technology: VHPGO will help you succeed!

Announcing our new, state-of-the-art platform for remote/online support with JourneyLite Physicians! We are happy to announce our new partnership with Virtual Health Partners!  The VHPGO platform allows us to do so much more to help patients get to their goal weight and stay there.  Our dietitians can set goals, monitor weight loss, and see how […]