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Are you located in Cincinnati or in search of an Ohio Lap Band or Realize Band surgery specialist? If so, you have come to the right place! Dr. Trace Curry has performed more Lap Band procedures than any other bariatric surgeon in Ohio. In fact, Dr. Curry is both a Lap Band and Realize Band faculty member, meaning the companies that manufacture the Lap Band and Realize Band each selected Dr. Curry to teach other surgeons how to perform these surgeries. What does all this mean? It means you have found the leading facility for LAP BAND surgery in Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas! We have performed over 4000 bands with no mortalities.

Approved by the FDA in June 2001, the Lap Band® System is one of the safest, least invasive, adjustable surgical treatments for morbid obesity in the United States. It induces weight loss by reducing the capacity of the stomach, which restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. Since its clinical introduction in 1993, almost 650,000 Lap Band procedures have been performed around the world and over 100,000 in the U.S. alone. Dr. Curry was one of the first surgeons in Ohio to perform the Lap Band procedure, and his team cares for patients from all over the country!

Minimally Invasive Approach
During the procedure, surgeons usually use laparoscopic techniques (using small incisions and long-shafted instruments), to implant an inflatable silicone band into the patient’s abdomen. Like a wristwatch, the band is fastened around the upper stomach to create a new, tiny stomach pouch that limits and controls the amount of food you eat. It also creates a small outlet that slows the emptying process into the stomach and the intestines. As a result, patients experience an earlier sensation of fullness and are satisfied with smaller amounts of food. In turn, this results in weight loss.

Safest and Least Traumatic Procedure
Since there is no cutting, stapling or stomach re-routing involved in either the Lap Band System or Realize Band procedures, they are considered one of the safest and least traumatic compared to other weight loss surgeries. For patients who suffer many medical problems as a result of their excess weight, the risk of surgery is far less than the risk of their obesity. The laparoscopic approach to the surgery also offers the advantages of reduced post-operative pain, shortened hospital stay and quicker recovery.  If for any reason the Lap Band System needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form.

Adjustable Treatment
The Lap Band System and Realize Band are also the only adjustable weight-loss surgeries. This means that YOU HAVE CONTROL over your path to a healthier life! The diameter of the band is adjustable for a customized weight-loss rate. Your individual needs can change as you lose weight. For example, pregnant patients can expand their band to accommodate a growing fetus, while patients who aren’t experiencing significant weight loss can have their bands tightened.

To modify the size of the band, its inner surface can be inflated or deflated with a saline solution. The band is connected by tubing to an access port, which is placed well below the skin during surgery. After the operation, the surgeon can control the amount of saline in the band by entering the port with a fine needle through the skin. Adjustments are typically simple office procedure, and a numbing spray is used to minimize patient discomfort. Dr. Curry is the most experienced Lap Band fill doctor in Ohio, having done more than 15,000 band adjustments.

Our practice was one of the earliest adopters of the new Lap Band AP (“Advanced Performance”) System, which is a 3rd generation gastric band.  This new and improved band has numerous advantages over other bands, including a much softer, larger volume cuff and greater surface area contact of the cuff with the stomach.  We believe this will lead to faster weight loss and even fewer complications.  We use the AP system exclusively for those who chose the Lap Band System.  We were the first in Ohio to place the Lap Band AP.

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  1. Hello, I had lap band surgery about 7 years ago in Michigan. I was going to a place in Groveport for my fills. I have not needed a fill in over 2 years but I think I need one now as I have started to gain weight and able to eat a lot more food. I called the place I used to go to but they are closed now. I was wondering if I could come to your place in Grove City (Columbus) for a fill?? Not sure if my husbands insurance will pay for the fill so could you tell me how much you charge for this procedure?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Donna, yes we do aftercare/fills in the Grove City office. Just call Robin at 513-559-1222 and she can help you.

      Dr. C

    1. Hi Kasie – type the word “pverify” in our search box at the upper right corner of the home page and you can fill out a form that will enable us to check your benefits for surgery.

      Dr. Curry

    1. Hi Laura,
      It’s based on your BMI – it has to be at least 30 to potentially be a surgical candidate. There’s a BMI calculator on the web site.

      Dr. Curry

  2. Do you do surgery in all the locations , is there a 24 hr stay ? Very interested in a self pay lap band … long from consult to surgery usually ? Will be coming from Northern Ohio how many visits are needed pre op and post op after initial surgery? Are u given any thing in the band when it is initially placed , or does that follow surgery? Will be making my appt soon , as long as weather permits… Looking forward to meeting Dr. Curry so he can help me with my journey to health… Thank you

    1. We only do surgery in Cincinnati, but Lap Band is an outpatient procedure so you can go home the same day. We typically can get everything done in 1 visit but it requires planning in advance. Call 513-259-2555 tomorrow and ask them to set you up as an “express patient.”

      Dr. Curry

  3. Dr. Curry I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008 in Cincinnati performed by you. I went from 340lbs to 145 lbs. Within the last two years I have gained about 75lbs. I have tried phentermine, I work out I have a physical job I have tried pouch resetting, I was told by a gastro physician here in Cleveland that my stoma may be a little stretched but nothing else is really wrong. I was recently prescribed victoza. Anyway I am at a point where I am wondering if there are any other surgical options available such as Lap Band or anything else that may be suitable for a patient such as myself?

    1. Aside from appetite suppressant medications an Overstitch pouch reduction may be the next best thing. Just type overstitch in the upper right hand search box of the web site for more info.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  4. watching and reading about the lap band sure has me interested . Diets are not working .. I have an ex bike witch i ride 1-2 times a day for only a few minutes , then i must stop .bad circulation Can’t even walk a block without stopping . I do have 10 steps out back i try to do , when done legs are acky , then need to rest thanks for listening , Donna Summers

    1. Ok awesome, just give our patient service reps a call at 513-259-2555!

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  5. Interested in getting procedure , but I have no insurance ..Are there payment options like monthly payments or do you recommend a insurance company I should get a plan with that will pay for procedure ?

    1. We don’t finance procedures directly but you can apply for financing on our site through Propser Healthcare Lending.

  6. I am 5’ 150lbs with hashimotos,Psoriatic Arthritis,osteoarthritis in my SI joint and L5, had PAO hip surgery for hip dysplasia on both hips. I’m wondering if not a candidate for surgery would I be a candidate for weight loss drugs? I’ve tried everything to get the extra weight off but am limited due to the arthritis,back and hip issues and feel like If I could get the weight off it would elevate some of my pain.

    1. The issues you have mentioned would not exclude surgery or most weight loss medications. Losing weight would definitely help with pain related to arthritis, the results can be very dramatic.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  7. was just wondering if you ever came across the band growing in the stomach. was in hospital over the week end for chest pains and they said after x-ray is looked like band was grown into
    stomach. it there any way you can run the die through like you do for a fill and find out.

    1. Yes you are most likely talking about a gastric band erosion. Sometimes you can see these with an Xray dye test but sometimes it requires more extensive imaging like a CT scan or even an endoscopy.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  8. I had lap band surgery 10 yrs ago and haven’t had a fill in about 9. I’ve gained weight and I’m thinking about having the band removed and get the sleeve or SIPS. I’m not sure if I should keep the band and get a fill or try another method. Would I be able to come get a fill and if I decided to do another method can the removal of the band be done at the same time as the other procedure?

    1. I would certainly try getting on track with the band before another procedure is considered. Usually it can be done in one step if conversion is deciced upon, but we never really know for sure until we get in there.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  9. I am 72, had a gastric bypass in 2002. Lost 125 but gained 70 afterwards. I am currently 285. I need spine surgery but surgeon wants me to lose 50. I have no heart, lung, liver issues, no diabetes. Most of my health problems are related to fibromyalgia, thyroid, pain, and kidney function is at 60%, on the good side of stage 3. I think lapband would help me lose weight so I can have the spine surgery and I can get more mobile again. Can you help me or recommend someone in Ohio. I live close to Mansfield Ohio. Can we consult through the computer or phone before I make a long drive. Cincinnati is about 5 hour drive for me.

    1. We don’t do band-over-bypasses anymore as the complication rate is too high. I don’t know of any surgeons who do in Ohio. A medical weight loss program or possibly an Overstitch procedure are the best options.

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