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If you have excess weight or GERD issues, Dr. Trace Curry has the trusted team that can help!

We have offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky to serve your needs!

Tired of trying diets only to see little success on the scale?  Tired of re-gaining the weight you lost and then some? Make up your mind to change your life now!  Whether through the HCG diet, Adipex, gastric balloon, or surgical options such as the Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy, our experience is second to none.  Trust your weight loss to our team!

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New studies show many chronic medications like Prilosec & Nexium can have long-term side effects.  We offer two treatment options for GERD that could render you medication-free!

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If you are a healthcare provider and you have a patient who needs to lose weight, we have a team of patient service representatives that can help them figure out the best plan that can fit their weight loss needs and their budget.  Just click below and provide us with some basic information and our team will take it from there!

Confused about your options?

Try our new Online Weight Loss Navigator Tool!  Just answer a series of questions and the navigator will help you arrive at what might be the best weight loss option for you!