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Our HERO program (Help Eliminate/Reduce Obesity) is an intensely monitored weight loss program for potential surgical weight loss patients who have a BMI over 50.  Bariatric surgeons have long known that surgical risk increases with BMI.  Designed to optimize weight loss and reduce surgical risk, our HERO patients will have specific goals set for them by our registered dietitians (RD’s), who will monitor their progress through our VHPGO platform.  Successful completion of the HERO program will result in a lower-risk procedure, and a better long-term outcome!

VHPGO is a state-of-the-art system for supporting patients through their weight loss journey.  It allows our RD’sto set goals and see, at the touch of a button, who is achieving them and who is needing addititional support.  With the use of the included VHPGO bluetooth scale (pictured above), your weights will automatically be logged each day in the platform. VHPGO can flag clients who are moving in the wrong direction on the scale, allowing our dietitians to focus in on those who need the most help.

VHPGO includes easy food journaling, either with bar code scanning or direct text entry, so that our RD’s know exactly what you’ve been eating and can tweak your plan for optimal results.

Virtual visits can be scheduled by the patient at the times of their choice, and can be done right from any Android or iOS smart phone.  During the visit, the RD can view the goals which have been set, analyze your food and weight logs, and see where improvements can be made to improve results.

The HERO program is only $99 for 3 months and includes:

  • 3 month flat-access to the VHPGO platform
  • a VHPGO bluetooth scale
  • 3 virtual visits with a registered dietitian

*Please note that patients who are doing an insurance-required supervised diet will still need to come into the office monthly to see a medical provider, which will result in separate charges.   HERO patients will not need to see the dietitian during that visit, which will greatly speed it up!

Become a HERO today!  Just complete the form below and select “HERO” from the dropdown menu.


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