Get up to $1500 of off the new Obalon Swallowable Gastric Balloon! – offer expired 8/31

obalon only gas filled gastric balloon

The Obalon system is the only FDA-approved, swallowable, gas-filled gastric balloon in the US, and we have been seeing some fantastic results with it.  Dr. Trace Curry does these procedures right in the office.  You can literally come in on your lunch break, have the procedure done, and go right back to work!  A unique design involves a swallowable capsule that is slighly larger than a big multivitamin with a long tiny cather attached.  The patient simply swallows the capsule, the doctor confirms the location with a simple brief Xray, and then the balloon is inflated with a gas mixture.  The process is repeat for a total of 3 balloons over several weeks.

The advantage of the gas-filled Obalon system is twofold:

  1. unlike saline-filled balloons, gas-filled balloons float on top of the fluid in the stomach, so they are less likely to obstruct the outlet and cause vomiting
  2. the Obalon system is a gradual treatment, as opposed to saline balloons where the entire volume is done all at once

The end result is much fewer side effects, in fact we have seen no vomiting issues in any of our Obalon patients.  Mostly patients experience some nausea and cramping for a day or two which is treated with medications.

Paired together with our CurryCare app and our team of registered dietitians, Obalon gives you the potential to lose in many cases up to 50 lbs over the six month interval that the balloons remain in.

After 6 months, the balloons must be removed with a simple endoscopic procedure.

Obalon up to $1500 offThe Obalon system is $7500 which includes 3 balloon swallows, endoscopic removal, 12 months of dietitian appointments, and CurryCare app access.  For a limited time you can get up to $1500 off of your procedure!

Losing up to 30 to 50 lbs can be a life-changing experience, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Trace Curry, a leading gastric balloon expert, or click here to request an appointment.  Virtual appointments are available for out-of-town patients.

NOTE: This procedure is not covered by insurance, although it may be a tax-deductible medical expense and it typically can be payed for with Health Savings Account funds as it is an FDA-approved treatment for obesity.

2 thoughts on “Get up to $1500 of off the new Obalon Swallowable Gastric Balloon! – offer expired 8/31

  1. Are you still offering any specials for the obalon system?

    I work 2nd shift so it’s easier if you email me please.

    Thank you
    Mary Elam

    1. Apologize for delay on this but start Jan 1 we will be offering Obalon for $6000, which is straight-up $1500 off, whereas before they were just rebates based on your weight loss.

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