Free gastric sleeve consultations in November with Dr. Tyler Cohn!

November 1st-30th, Dr. Tyler Cohn will be offering free gastric sleeve consultations in all office locations for patients pursuing self-pay gastric sleeve surgical options!

For patients interested in gastric sleeve who have insurance coverage, the standard $99 program fee will be waived and insurance will be billed as normal.

The gastric sleeve is a powerful tool to help patients get control of their weight and  eliminate weight-related medical issues such as diabetes and sleep apnea.

Performed as a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, patients are back to work in just a week or two and are often pain free in just a few days.

If you suffer from type II diabetes, this procedure may help you come off of your medication within a matter of days to weeks after surgery, and you will see your blood sugars and A1C numbers falling to levels that your doctors want them to be even in many cases without medications!

Learn more about this powerful, low-risk, minimally invasive weight loss procedure by requesting a consultation with Dr. Cohn below.  Use coupon code TCohn2 to take advantage of this

2 thoughts on “Free gastric sleeve consultations in November with Dr. Tyler Cohn!

  1. would like to have a consultation on what processes. would be best for me my bmi was 42.1 please contact me a 937-214-4158

    1. Hi there, one of our patient service reps will be calling you.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

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