First Orbera Intra-gastric Balloon In Ohio!

We are proud to announce that yesterday we implanted the very first Orbera Intra-gastric balloon in the state of Ohio, and one of the first in the country!

The patient (who has given us permission to use her picture here) is a 39 year-old mother, manager of a veterinary clinic, who suffers from degenerative disc disease and hypertension. She has set a goal of losing 40 pounds to improve her health and her overall outlook on life.

First patient for Orbera Intra-gastric balloon!

Our first Orbera patient!

The procedure took 15 minutes, she woke up with no pain, and was on her way home in an hour!

We are very excited to be able to offer this cutting-edge treatment for obesity to our patients. We are the only practice in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Columbus to be able to offer the Orbera weight loss balloon at this time so call or click for a consultation!

Dr. C

Dr. Curry's First Orbera Gastric Balloon Patient

First Orbera Patient!

2 thoughts on “First Orbera Intra-gastric Balloon In Ohio!

  1. I am 5 days post op, doing great. Last night I ate tomato bisque soup, had a little trouble with nausea, tonight I ordered corn chowder (thinking it would be puréed, but it wasn’t). I ate most of I and had a little bread. I expect to have some nausea tonight, but is there anything actually “dangerous” that I am at risk for?

    1. Short of a few very rare complications, even if you vomit a lot you won’t likely cause youself any physical harm. However, if you don’t follow the post-procedure diet your chances of needing to get your balloon removed early are much higher.

      Dr. Curry

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