Congratulations on getting your procedure scheduled!  Prior to your consent visit please:

  • Watch the video in the “Discharge Instructions” tab
  • Download & read the surgery consent in the “Surgery Consent” tab
  • Download & print the Pre-op History/Physical form and make an appointment with your PCP if you’ve been told by us that you need a pre-op physical.  Take this form with you!

Discharge Instructions

Congratulations on getting your procedure scheduled!

Please watch this video prior to your consent appointment to learn about your pre-op and discharge instructions!

Download pre-op and post-op discharge instructions booklet: 

Download your surgical consent (if you can please print, read, sign, and bring to the office on your consent visit):

Bariatric Surgery Consent
Bariatric Surgery Consent
2.0 MiB

If you are having a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or SIPS/duodenal switch please read the article below entitled “staple line leaks after bariatric surgery”.

Download this and give to your if you were told you need PCP clearance or a pre-op physical from your PCP:

PCP Pre-op History and Physical Form
81.0 KiB

*Note: Some PCP’s prefer to use their own system for pre-op physicals, this form is optional!