Congratulations on getting your procedure scheduled!  Prior to your consent visit please:

  • Watch the video in the “Discharge Instructions” tab
  • Download & read the surgery consent in the “Surgery Consent” tab
  • Download & print the Pre-op History/Physical form and make an appointment with your PCP if you’ve been told by us that you need a pre-op physical.  Take this form with you!

Discharge Instructions

Congratulations on getting your procedure scheduled!

Please watch this video prior to your consent appointment to learn about your pre-op and discharge instructions!

Download pre-op and post-op discharge instructions booklet: 

Download your surgical consent (if you can please print, read, sign, and bring to the office on your consent visit):

Bariatric Surgery Consent
Bariatric Surgery Consent
2.0 MiB

If you are having a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or SIPS/duodenal switch please read the article below entitled “staple line leaks after bariatric surgery”.

Staple line leaks after bariatric surgery

Staple line leaks after bariatric surgery are uncommon, but one of the main short-term risks we look for after a sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, or duodenal switch.  Read this article to understand more about the staples we use in surgery, what a staple line leak is, and how we treat them. To understand what a […]

Download this and give to your if you were told you need PCP clearance or a pre-op physical from your PCP:

PCP Pre-op History and Physical Form
81.0 KiB

*Note: Some PCP’s prefer to use their own system for pre-op physicals, this form is optional!