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In order to qualify for Adipex/phentermine in Ohio, you must weigh at least

If you have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea, then you can receive Adipex/phentermine in Ohio as long as you weigh lbs or more.

In order to qualify for Adipex/phentermine in Kentucky, you must weigh at least

If you have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea, then you can receive Adipex/phentermine in Kentucky as long as you weigh
lbs or more.

Note: Eligibility for Belviq is the same in all states, and follows the same guidelines as Adipex/phentermine in Ohio.


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    1. It works Victoria – some folks have reported some problems with certain browsers and tablets though. We’ll keep working on it!

  1. What is Belviq? I didn’t know about the new law and my time lapsed for Adipex and I have o wait til November. Is the regulations the same for this Belviq?

    1. Belviq is a new appetite suppressant – it doesn’t have a restriction on how long you can use it, your BMI just has to 30 or higher, or 27+ if you have comorbidities (same weights as Adipex Ohio on BMI calculator).

  2. Thank you Dr. Curry because of you I don’t qualify. 🙂 I started at 240ish lbs received gastric sleeve on 6/16/10 and now am holding steady at 135 lbs. Thank you!!!

  3. I had the lap band 2 years in august and not getting the results at all. Wondering if Adipex would help me to actually start losing some weight??? Feeling frustrated!!!

  4. Went from 329lbs to 234lbs since February 25, 2013 from gastric sleeve from Dr. Curry! I was cleared to stop taking all my blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and all other meds I was on by my primary physician.

  5. In June of 2008 I had the lap band. My starting wgt. was 236. By July (?) 2009, I was around 160 lbs. For 3-4 yrs. I was so controlled, so good. Kept my wgt. between 155-165, which was the goal set for me by Dr. Curry and his staff. Felt sooooo great!!! Then I found out for certain I was a stress eater. My husband became ill, then terminally ill fast. Hospice and myself and family members cared for him in our home. A couple months after he died, my father became ill. I basically moved in with folks, then Daddy died 10 months later. During this time I used food for comfort, knew I was doing it, but wouldn’t stop. Did make a couple appts. to come see you, Dr. C. but had to cancel them. Now I try to get back on the “Fast track” and am pathetic! I’ve not gained any more wgt. the past 3 months, but am not losing. I need to get this extra 25-30 lbs. off and I know it. Shame on me. I done soooooo well for yrs. Yes, I need to come see you, but any new or different suggestions to toss my way until I can make it to the office? AND, yes, you can smack my hand. ha ha Thank you.

      1. Hi I’ll have someone reach out to you, or you can call 513-259-2555 for more info.

        Dr. Trace Curry
        Medical Director
        JourneyLite Physicians

  6. I had gastric around april 2012 weighed 258lbs.I now weigh 144lbs.feel only issues are I’ve exercised all is all the excess skin..what to do?? Everyone at dr.currys office are great with all answers to any questions..I’m greatful that I came to his office..thanks again..

    1. I have tried it on Macs and PC’s and haven’t had any problems. It doesn’t work on iPhone unfortunately. I haven’t tried it on Android. Make sure you click the “calculate” button. Dr. Curry

    1. You can use Adipex (phentermine) if you have elevated blood pressure, as long as it is well-controlled. Dr. Curry

  7. Can I still qualify if my BMI is 26.7? Ive tried losing weight for 2 years now and cant get a pound off. I am overweight and I have hypertension and diabetes in my family. Please help me!

    1. You can’t do Adipex of Belviq, but you could do the HCG diet. Just call 513-559-1222 ext. #2 for more details. Dr. Curry

  8. My bmi is 24 I have high cholesterol and history of gestational diabetes. Can I go to the Kentucky clinic and receive adipex?

  9. I am so frustrated with how I look I do not eat healthy cannot afford all the healthy foods my weakness is eating out a lot and sitting around snacking on junk.I do not get exercise I have had 7 foot surgeries so exercise is difficult for me and other health issues I would love to loose 50 to 60 pounds

    1. Hello there – it sounds like our Adipex (phentermine) program would be your best option based on the limited info. Just call 513-559-1222 option 2 and we can get you started! Dr. Curry

  10. Hi my weight is 343 and my BMI is 57.1. I’m a stay at home mom I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past year and have tried so many diets nothing is working. I ready to get this weight off for good. How should I go about setting up a appt. and getting more info?

    1. Hi there! Just call 513-559-1222 option 2 and it will put you in touch with our program coordinator to get you started! Dr. Curry

  11. I am female 5’7″ approximately 165-170 pounds which is borderline to qualify for adipex. I used to stay around 130 pounds until developing hypothyroidism and sleep apnea about 10 years ago. Now I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I do. Can anything help?

    1. You could do our new Lipovite program – just call 513-559-1222 extension 2, they can talk to you about details!

      Dr. Curry

  12. Hello Dr. Curry
    I am 5’2″ female and I weight about 165-174. I been trying to lose weight for the past 2year. I have diabetes and heart disease. My BMI is a 31.8. I would like to know if I could be on that HGC diet?

  13. I am trying to lose about 45-50 lbs. I have used adipex in the past and usually have great success and very minimal side effects (dry mouth). I was wondering if you can do adipex and Belviq together or what are good options. I have a history of high cholesterol but no other health issues that I am aware of. I have really been trying to change my diet and exercising more (i have a small workout room with cardio and weights) and my weight isn’t moving at all. I don’t want to get discouraged and give up. Please help.

    1. Adipex and Belviq cannot be used together. If you’ve done well on Adipex in the past, I would recommend trying it again under the supervision of our dietitians, so they can help you learn how to eat to keep the weight off! Just call 513-559-1222 option 2 and someone can help discuss the pros and cons of all our programs.

      Dr. Curry

  14. Down 24 pounds in the month of January, that makes over 100 lost. Closing in on the last 40. The support I receive here is by far the best. The entire staff cares about your success. Feeling so hopeful that I will reach goal this year!

  15. I have taken Phentermine in the past and it worked great. I lost a lot of weight. I am still over weight for my height and build and need to lose an additional 40 pounds. I would like to get back on Phentermine/Adipex and that combined with my diet and exercise routine see if I can drop this additional 40 lbs that I am carrying. I live in the Akron/Cleveland area but can drive down to Columbus I suppose……unless there are any clinics or doctors that you could recommend up here. Thank you so much. I want to get in and get started as soon as I can.

  16. Hi Dr Curry,

    I’ve steadily gained weight over last few years. I’m about 5’6″ and sadly currently weigh about 184-186. I’m 45 yrs old…can’t make progress even though I use to be quite fit. I would really like to try Adipex. I have also started snoring badly since gaining all the weight. Am I a candidate? I’m in Columbus.

    1. Laura your BMI is just a little below 30, in order to get Adipex in Ohio you would have to have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or high cholesterol. In Kentucky you would qualify if you are interested in coming down to our office there.

      Dr. Curry

  17. Hello Dr. Curry,
    My weight is currently 191 while my BMI is 37.3. I have been exercising and dieting and have only lost 12 pounds in a year! I would like to know if I could sign up for your program involving Belviq and if so, would insurance help pay and if it does not how much does the program and medication cost? Will it help suppress my appetite and give me an energy boost to help with exercising? Also, how soon could I begin? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chrissy,

      Thank you for using our BMI calculator – as you can see you are smart for wanting to lose weight and improve your health, as a BMI of 37 puts you at risk for diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

      Belviq would be an excellent option, as would Adipex (phentermine). Belviq suppresses appetite, but it is not really a stimulant. Adipex is much more of a stimulant so if you’re looking for that, it may be the best route.

      Just call 513-559-1222 extension 2, or email for more details about cost, etc. You can come to our main office in Cincinnati, or one of our satellites in Columbus, Dayton, or Northern Ky.

      Dr. Curry

  18. How safe is adipex? I heard it causes strokes. My BMI is 40 and I need to loose weight now. Just don’t want to harm myself either. I have tried Garcinia Cambogia and HCG with no luck.

    1. We have used Adipex, or the generic phentermine more commonly, in thousands of patients and have never had any serious adverse issues. I think it is a safe option, but obviously needs to be monitored by a physician. If you want to schedule, call 513-559-1222 extension 2 and someone can help set you up!

      Dr. Curry

  19. How much wt do I have to lose to continue on phentermine? weighed 271 3 weeks ago, now 260/

    1. That’s plenty, you just have to keep making progress to continue! Congrats on your success with your phentermine program!

      Dr. Curry

  20. Why can you not use Belviq and phentermine together? I did not see anything in the Belviq label that said you could not, only that they had not been tested together. BTW, I think there is now a study underway where they are being used together.


    1. Great question Charles. I would not use them together without some sort of data supporting it, since they are both in the same therapeutic category. Also there is the expense of utilizing 2 drugs to take into consideration.

      Dr. Curry

    1. Yes you would have to stop Belviq or Qsymia at a 27 BMI. In Kentucky, if you have high cholesterol you can take Adipex (or Phentermine) down to a 25 BMI.

      Dr. Trace Curry

  21. My bmi is currently 32 by ur calculator. I have used adipex in the passed and I would like to try it again to lose the last 40 lbs that I cant make budge by myself. Do I qualify for the program being so close to the 30 bmi cutoff?

  22. I have an appointment in Dayton next Friday for my 3rd month of phentermine. Rather than switch to Belviq can I come to the Kentucky office so I can continue on phentermine since it is working really well for me? Is there a pharmacy down there where you get the med?

    1. Hey there Greenville Girl,

      You can see us in our Ky office, we have multiple options available so it’s no problem!

      Dr. C
      PS Have a Made-Rite for me!

  23. Hi. I am thinking of doing the adipex program. I am 5 7 and 285 lbs. my question is after the 3 months are up ( since I live in ohio) can I switch to a different program or go to your Kentucky office for more since it is 6 months thanks. Looking to start ASAP Can’t wait!

    1. Hi Tiffany – you can either stay on Adipex and go to Ky after 3 months, or switch to Belviq or Qsymia and stay in Ohio.

      Dr. C

  24. Good Evening, I have been researching weight loss and have had a horrible time dropping any weight in the past 3 years. I also have high cholesterol and sleep apnea…at 45 is Adipex an option for me? I am 5’6 and weigh 183. Thank you so much! I also live north of Columbus!

  25. I live outside of Columbus and my bmi is 28, can I come to your kentucky office to get adipex? Used it before with great success but unfortunately was in an accident and had surgery and gained 30 pounds.


  26. Dr Curry,

    I am 24 my bmi is 26.6 I am 5’6 I have constipation problems and eat healthy but I can’t seem to loose any weight! Can you help?

    1. There is not much we can offer for patients with a BMI of 26.6 – all meds are restricted at that BMI. HCG diet would be the only option as it is not a controlled substance.

  27. Hi my sister and I would like to both lose weight. We discuss it a lot but that’s all it has been is a discussion. We don’t know what else to do to get motivated. We would like to try adipex. My BMI is 31.3. I’m not sure what hers is although I do know that she weighs more than I do. Would the Adipex be a great start???

    1. For a patient with a BMI of 31 I would not recommend surgery, so you are correct either Adipex (or another medication) or a gastric balloon would be a good option.

      Call 513-559-1222 option 2 and Robin or Pam can help you figure it out.

      Dr. Curry

  28. Hello,
    I have been struggling with my weight for years now and according to your site, my BMI is at 30. I’m 26, around 5″4 or 5″5 and weigh 185. I would like to be around 150 again and think Adipex would help me out. Is my BMI too low, or can I come in for a consultation and get set up with a prescription??

  29. I tried adipex for 3 months last year and lost 20lbs. I have now gained half of that back and want to know if there is another medication I can try a sample of to see if it will help for longer than 3 months. I am 5’4 and weigh 197lbs. My bmi is 33.9 and I am just disgusted with myself right now. Please help!!

    1. Hi Marissa, there are a couple of meds approved for long term use, but it requires a face to face visit to prescribe so you’d have to come into the office.

      Dr. C

    1. Regulations in Ky and Ohio prevent the use of appetite suppressants in patients currently being treated for drug or alcohol issues.

  30. Hi, I keep getting told that doctors in Ohio will not prescribe Adipex yet my cousin took it and he lives in Ohio. I’m 5’4″ and almost 190. I’m used to being 120-125 lbs but after kids, well, it happens… But I’m seriously disgusted by my own self and I need some info. Please help if you could. I really appreciate it.

    1. Yes doctors can prescribe Adipex in Ohio. You have to have a BMI over 30 (or 27-30 with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, sleep apnea ), you can do it for a max of 3 months, and you have to lose weight each month.

      Dr. Curry

  31. I’m definitely over 30 BMI and I have an appointment with a family doctors office on Thursday. Is there any specific way I should go about asking to try Adipex or should I just out right ask? I’m nervous he will say no.

  32. Do you accept insurance? I have medical mutual through my husbands work. If not, what’s the cost of the visit and Adipex out of pocket? That’s mainly what I’m looking for. I live in Columbus but it’s not a far drive to Cincinnati. I want to get on something ASAP because my BMI is almost 33% and I feel gross.

  33. Stopped smoking 2 years ago. I work out and eat right but cannot lose the 25 lbs I’ve added. I want to try adipex in addition to my work outs.

  34. I just need to know how long you have to wait before you can start getting adipex, after quitig suboxone, iguessits a new thing which is odd, because i was on suboxone for4 years. An went to the clinic several times, an recieved them with no issue. But now not only do you have to be off suboxone for so long… Idk. Please help

  35. Goes with thd 1st… Not only do you have to be completely off it, it has to be a period of time. Bssivslly you hav towait forever. someone please anser !!!! me

  36. My BMI is 24, but I weigh 140 at 5 foot 3. I have worked out and eat healthy but see no results. I have little to no energy daily and would love an option. I am getting married soon and my husband and I want to start trying to have kids, but I need to lose 10 to 15 pounds before we start. I have a close friend that took adipex and she was in the same condition as myself. Now she is down almost 20 pounds and is happy with her results.

    1. Unfortunately Jessica we don’t have any good weight loss options for a patient with a BMI of 24, as that is considered a normal BMI.

      Dr. Curry

  37. Hi Dr. Curry,

    I am 5’3, my weight is 180lbs and my BMI is 34. I snore so bad that I have to sit up to sleep and now my back is hurting from all the weight I’ve picked up. How do I go about getting adepex?


  38. Hi everyone,
    I was referred here for adipex by a friend who had great results. My height is 5’4″ and weight is 160, putting me at a bmi of 27.5 (overweight). I’ve gradually increased in size over the past year or so despite OTC meds and supplements, every diet you can think of, and I’m currently just trying to eat healthy instead of carb or caLori counting, and am working with a personal trainer. My concern is obesity is hereditary in my family and with ano there gain of just 15lbs will put me at a BMW of 30. I would like to try to control it now than later with side effects of HTN, Diabetes, etc.

  39. I have a BMI of 33. I weigh around 195 lbs and cant get back down to my normal weight of 160. I’m 5’4″ tall. I’ve tried several diet plans and also exercise pretty regular but the weight just stays!! Would Adipex be a good choice to maybe help start some weight loss???

    1. Adipex is typically a great option for patients with a BMI of 33. Call 513-559-1222 option 2 and talk to Robin or Pam and they can help you through the decision making process.

      Dr. Curry

  40. Hi I was wondering are there any offices in or around Dayton Ohio reading all of this praise really makes me want to be apart of this team.

    1. Yes we do have an office in Dayton at 1 Elizabeth Place.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  41. Hello, I am 31 years old and currently weigh between 160 and 165 I’m closer to 5’5 than I am to being 5’4 and currently with a BMI of 27. Do I qualify to be able to be on Adipex?

    1. Kentucky allows for the use of Adipex in patients with a BMI of 27 if they have at least 1 weight related comorbidity (diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, high cholesterol). Ohio does not.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  42. I am 5’4 weigh 205lbs tried every way to lose weight my doctor will not prescribe me anything My health is at risk if I don’t do something. I am in Indiana. What can I do I done the gym 4-5 times a week for a results stopped results try to eat clean and results.
    Had my doctor check for health reasons I can’t lose he said he couldn’t find any.

    1. Give a call to our patient service reps at 513-559-1222 and they can help you figure out a plan.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  43. Hi, I have ulcerative Colitis I struggle with my weight fluctuating constantly and I just had a hysterectomy a year ago last month I have gained 38 lbs since my surgery and excercising is not helping. Would I qualify to get a prescription for adipex my BMI is currently 25, but with a health issue causing weight gain? Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the delay here but we cannot prescribe any appetite suppressants with a BMI of 25.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  44. i had gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago. i lost a lot of weight, but recently started to gain back my weight. (not a lot) but i do not want to be were i once was, i was unhealthy and not happy. moved to a new area (against my wishes) and i have been stress/boredom eating thus gaining weight. i cut pop completely out of my diet. i was looking into either getting a revised procedure done or getting the lap band on top of the gastric bypass. But i need to find a Bariatrician who can accept my insurance. Has anyone ever gotten better with the gastric followed by getting the lap band done?

    1. Band-over-bypass is technically possible but patients must be well-selected. We do have medical weight loss programs as well, I’d recommend calling 513-259-2555 and speaking with our patient service representatives.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  45. I have a really bad back and diabetes I weigh 155 and my bmi is 26.6 would either oh or Ky give me medicine to help me lose weight

    1. If you have weight related medical issues then we can prescribe phentermine in KY down to a 25 BMI.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  46. I would like to try Adipex because I see people having awesome results! I live in Northwest Ohio and the only doctor in my area that I know of who prescribes Adipex does not have any open appointments until September! I am over 2 hours away from your clinic. Do you offer phone consultations or have a colleague in my area?

    1. In Ohio it’s required to make face-to-face visits with a doctor every 4 weeks. I’m sure there are some clinics in your aree but I don’t have any direct connections.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

  47. I live in Ohio and want to get either Adipex or something to help lose weight by prescription. Can you please help. I’m 5 foot exactly and weigh almost 180 pounds! I cannot get the weight off!

    1. Hi there we do all sorts of medical weight loss with different medications, just request an appointment online here and someone will be in touch!

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

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