BMI Calculators

What is BMI? It stands for “Body Mass Index”, which is a calculation based on your weight and height.

If your BMI is over 30, you may start to see weight-related medical problems (such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol).

If your BMI is over 40, these comorbidities have a very high incidence. Losing the weight is your best chance for getting rid of your diabetes!

Here is a BMI table, or see the pages below to see if you qualify for our medical or surgical weight loss programs!

BMI Table

What is your BMI?

16 thoughts on “BMI Calculators

  1. I’ve been trying to lose weight for about 2.5 years now… I have lost about 40 lbs on my own but I am stuck. I cannot get below the 191 lb mark. I watch my diet most of the time and I work out at least 3 times a week. I am hoping for more information about adipex to see if it is a possible solution to my problem.

  2. According to the bmi calculator my bmi is at 32. I have taken adapiex before and had success. I want to lose another 40 lbs and was wondering if it would be an option again being so close to the bmi cutoff?

    1. In KY you can take Adipex for 6 months down to a BMI of 27. If you have a weight related comorbidity you can stay on it down to a 25 BMI.

  3. I was referred to you by my cardiologist. I am 38 and my BMI is 42. Because of my age although I go to the gym and also watch a lot of the different things that I eat he recommended seeing you because it’s going to be harder for me to lose weight. He recommended the gastric sleeve. Do you accept any type of insurance or is it all self-pay?

    1. We do accept most insurance but not everyone has surgical weight loss benefits. I would recommend calling 513-259-2555 and asking one of our patient service reps, they can help you figure it out.

      Dr. C

  4. What is the youngest age that you are able to do the gastric sleeve on or prescribe the apidex? I have a 15 year old daughter who is active but also has other health concerns due to her weight. Her BMI is around 42.

  5. I had a lap band done in August of 2005. How long do they last. I haven’t had a full or seen you for at least 5 yrs

    1. There is no specifice duration for Lap Bands, they are designed to last indefinitely and would only need to be removed if there were some kind of complication.

      Dr. Trace Curry
      Medical Director
      JourneyLite Physicians

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