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Who We Are

We are a business born out of necessity and desire.  We are committed to making healthy meals because  we are physically, mentally and emotionally, what we eat.  Every part of our lives is impacted by how well or poorly we eat.  Whether you just had a gastric balloon or a gastric sleeve, we do Healthy Meal Preparation just for you tailored for all phases of your procedure or program!

We also realize how, impossible and frustrating it can be to find and buy good food that is “just what the doctor ordered,”  so we are pleased to introduce our “Prescription Meal Plan”.  This is why we are here and that is why you are here.  We are ready to happily fill that need for you.  Now we have made it simpler than ever for you to meet your nutritional health goals!

Just select the right menu for where you are in your journey, and JourneyLite!

We are proud to serve you and happy you are here!

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Not What You Expected!

You have taken an amazing step toward gaining control of your life and health!  You may have felt you would never eat great-tasting food that is satisfying and fits the bill for your health goals, but there is no need to ever feel this way again.  We are with you every step of the way, and now all the way!  Now there is no need to do complicated meal preps to stay on track with your program, we will do it for you!

Not Just For You But Your Whole Entire Family!

When your body’s nutritional needs are not being met, it will let you know, and the signal you get from your body is “I’M HUNGRY!”   With our meals you can now calm the hunger signals and train your body to communicate better with you.  And guess what, everyone’s body  needs this training.  So share your new-found knowledge with family and friends.  They can order regular-sized portions here too!

* All of our  food ingredients are Non-GMO, free-ranged and/or grass fed!

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