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Dr. Trace Curry Medical Director

Dr. Trace Curry
Medical Director

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Are you tired of trying diet after diet, only to see little success on the scale? Are you tired of re-gaining the weight you lost and then some? Make up your mind to change your life now! When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Trace Curry has the trusted team that can help you succeed.

We have a full team of registered dietitians and nurse practitioners who, under the direction of Dr. Curry, provide the support you need to lose the weight and keep it off.  Whether it is through the HCG diet, Adipex, or even surgical options such as the Lap Band or sleeve gastrectomy, our Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Columbus weight loss teams are second to none.  Trust your weight loss to experienced professionals!

To date Dr. Curry and his team have helped patients lose over 300,000 pounds!

Look around for more info and make 2014 your year to succeed!

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Here’s what our patients are saying:

I had my surgery on 12/15. On Christmas Eve, I thought one of my incisions was getting infected. I sent an email at 8pm and had a response and a prescription less than an hour later. Top Quality Care! And a great office staff too!

Amanda M.

Hi Dr. C, I want to thank you and your staff, and hospital staff for all of the TLC I received while under your care in Cinci. I am so glad to have my lap band! I didn't mind at all coming from Maryland to have this procedure as you have so much experience with the Lap-Band. I knew I would be in good hands and it was very worth the trip. To expound on the TLC, I want to tell you that I was very impressed with every part of the team! From Charity, Lisa and Erin, in your the Hospital Registration the PreOp the Same Day Surgery folks, the Anesthesia folks, and (what I remember of the recovery room folks), transporters, and the gals up on the Bariatric Unit. WoW! Everyone was so very friendly, had a warm smile and made me feel completely comfortable being so far away from home. Lastly, I am so thrilled that your staff got me approved through my insurance so fast! No one in MD or VA could git r done...nor did they have the Lap-Band experience you have. I am thankful to have a tool that will help me lead a much healthier lifestyle~thank you sooooooooo much!! Carol

Carol G.

I had researched the RNY procedure for a year before moving ahead with my decision to have the surgery. I then took another six months in finding the best surgeon for me and that was Dr. Trace Curry. I live in Chillicothe Ohio so I would have to travel 2 hours to reach Dr. Curry but after consultations with other surgeons I knew that was a minimal price to pay for the best in this field. I started my journey at 349 pounds and had no co-morbidities except bad knees. When asked by Dr. Curry what size I wanted to be I told him that all I wanted was to be able to walk and breath simultaneously. I've accomplished that and so much more. Life is once again a joy and I am living life to it's fullest. I am married to a wonderful supportive husband who is also a patient of Dr. Curry's with lap-band procedure. We both have enjoyed what Dr. Curry's skillful hands and our hard work can accomplish. Thank you for all your support, Dr. Curry.

Cathy Z.
Chillicothe, OH

I love my weight loss results. It is almost my two year anniversary and I now weigh 135lbs. I feel great and very energized and motivated and still work out atleast 3-4 times a week and still take my vitamins and follow the program. My husband and I moved to Florida due to his job and I love it here. Weight loss and the Florida whether is close to Heaven. Good luck all and I will stay in touch.

Rhonda R

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr C, Lisa, Erin, Tracy and Charity, they are an amazing group of people. The first time I went to their office and met them I knew that they were the right group of people to see me through my gastric bypass surgery. During my hospital stay Dr C and Lisa were always there encouraging me, answering my questions, and making sure everything was going well. After the surgery Erin was so helpful assisting me with my dietary needs and giving me tips to help me adjust to my new lifestyle, she is also an inspiration seeing how successful she has been with her lapband. Charity is always so friendly and also was helpful to me suggesting different protein drinks. Tracy assisted me with billing and was very helpful answering all of my questions. Whenever I have had a question and sent them a private email I always receive a response within a couple of hours sometimes even minutes, I feel they really care about the wellbeing of their patients. This surgery has changed my life and I owe so much of it to Dr Curry and his staff. He also did the lap band procedure on my mom a week after my surgery and she couldn't be happier, they took great care of her too.

Tracy M.

Though Dr. C. didn't do the lapband, he and his staff have been kind, caring, experienced in many aspects and have accommodated me in every way possible. I have the MIDband, put in in Mexico, the port floats and I must repeat Dr. C. and his staff are the BEST! He has not done a fill/unfill w/floro and is wonderful @ finding the right spot. Bless Lisa for being there with the numbing spray, Erin to answer all my questions/emails dumb or not, Charity for always having a friendly, smiling face to greet me, and Dr. C. with the steady, true hands. I have to drive 6 hrs. from GA, but it's more than well worth the trip. Heah, I drive for a living so that is no big deal, I'm just glad I found him and his staff when I needed them most. A person can't go wrong with Dr. C.!!!

Tacy B.
Aftercare Patient

After over a year of research on RNY and researching different surgeons I decided to make and appointment with Dr. Curry. I seen him for the first time in November of 2004. At this time I turned in all paperwork and all letters from every doctor to Tracy and we got the ball rolling for me to have Gastric Bypass surgery. This took a total of 5 months. I found out I was approved and scheduled for surgery two weeks later on April 11, 2005. To make a long story short, I have two herniated disk, bone spurs and arthritis in my spine. This caused a great deal of pain. This caused a vicious cycle. Of being immobile, eating, weight gain…..on and on and on Since my surgery, I have had a couple complications. Nothing that would keeping me from going through with this again. In 2 years I've lost about 170lbs, going from a size 26 to a size 6. I feel better than I can ever remember. I have caught my second wind and I am living my life again….I wake up every day with a smile…plan my weekends with lots to get into….I look forward to tomorrow. I have to say that Dr. Curry is the most incredible Dr. I have ever had. Not just because I consider him my life saver…but because he truly cares and takes the time to answer any questions or assist with any concerns you might have. He is ALWAYS accessible to me. Via email or phone. There isn't another Dr. that I have, that I am able get a hold of so quickly. The same goes for the rest of his staff. Dr. C. has heard all of this many, many times. He's probably tired of hearing it. :-) lol But I do appreciate Dr. Curry, for giving me the tools to have a better life and I appreciate him because he sincerely cares about his patients and their well being. Hugs for you and your entire staff!

Lisa H.

I was banded 4/4/05 by another surgeon. My highest weight was 285. As of 3/31/07 I weigh 197 lbs. I feel great! Dr. Curry and his staff are wonderful. Their availability and willingness to answer questions has made all the difference to me.

Dawn E.
Lap Band Aftercare

My first visit with Dr. Curry, I was a little nervous. Charity said, when you leave, you will say, I wanted this surgery yesterday. She was a 100% right. I haven't had the surgery yet, but cannot wait till I do. I had my psyc. evaluation on Friday and I was not nervous what so ever. I thought that I would be, but I believe that I did fine. I am just ready to get this weight off and start being healthy again. I have told several people about me having this surgery and everyone has been so supportive of me, because they know how long I have been struggling with this. I know a few people that have had this done and they are so happy they did it, and Dr. Curry did their surgery. He is awesome, he comes in sits down with you and talks to you like he has known you all his life. His staff has the be the best in this tri-state area. They are all caring, and they treat you like family. You all are awesome, pat yourself on the back!!! thanks a bunch, Donna

Donna C

When you get Dr. Curry, you get the "Whole Team Package". No question seems to go unanswered and they are truly interested in your health. I feel like I have a second "Birthday". It was the day Dr Curry helped me on the path to the rest of my life. One I have truly been LIVING and ENJOYING!!!!

Kim H.

You couldn't wish for a better surgeon then Dr C! Compassionate, caring and absolutely makes you feel at ease about this life changing surgery that you are about to go through. His staff is always there to cheer you on and Tracy makes the insurance process a breeze! Everytime that someone compliments me on my weight loss, I thank God and Dr Curry for giving me this new life that I can fully enjoy!After a 200 pound weight loss, I am finally doing all of the things that I only used to daydream about. Thank you Dr C!

Cathy G.

I was banded 5 months ago in Mexico. Prior to that I had trouble finding a doctor who would do post op care for other patients. I found out about Dr. Curry and e-mailed him right away. He was more than happy to take on other patients for their post op care which told me A LOT about him and his passion for the BAND. I drive 4 hours to come to see him monthly for my fills and it is worth every mile. His whole staff is wonderful, knowledgable, and are the BEST I have ever met!! I love that they are available, willing to help in every sort of way and go way beyond the call of duty in my opinion!

Leanne G.
Lap Band

To say that this was the best decision of my life is an understatement. I weighed in at 296, no confidence and depressed. Now in 10 weeks I am close to 60 lbs lost. Doc Trace, Erin, Charity, Lisa and Tracy are all wonderful. A little side note, I went to grade school with Doc Trace some 30 years ago and I knew back then he would be something brilliant. There is no one better for this kind of procedure. I just want to thank Doc Trace and the whole staff for helping me get back on the road to a healthy and happy life.

Scott F.

Dr. C. and his staff (both of them) are very professional and caring. I had LAP RNY with very minimal pain and no complications. The nutritional training pre-op is priceless and not available obviously from pthers' experiences with all bariatric surgeons. Although I haven't had a lot of questions, the few times I have contacted Dr. C. or his office, I'm have my question answer nearly immediately.

Karen C.

I've was banded 3 1/2 years ago in Mexico. I've had nothing but trouble finding someone to do aftercare in the States. Finally I found Dr. C. I drive 12 hours to get to him and his team, but its worth it. I'm a new BIG, but getting thinner fan of Dr. C.

Karen A.

DR.C is the best you can always email him and get A answer fast.he also has the best staff ever.I would recommend him to anyone

Michael S.

Dr. Curry performed my bariatric surgery in April, 2006, and I have NEVER been happier with the procedure and the outcome, and I've lost 90 lbs. If fact, I did so well that Dr. Curry performed bariatric surgery on my husband this past February and he's lost 100 lbs. Dr. Curry and his staff are truly professional in the operating room and in the office. I would refer this group to anyone that's the least bit hesitant about who to have perform their surgery. This is an excellent group of people!!

Carol R.
Down 90 lbs!

I just wanted to let you all know that I had my lap-band surgery 2/9/07. I have lost close to 50 lbs. already and I have NO regrets. The entire staff is great, and I would do it all over again if I had to. Sara

Sara F.

I haven't had the opportunity to meet Dr. Curry yet, but I will tomorrow and I am soooo excited. I have however had many conversations with his staff, Heidi and Tracy to name a few and they have been extremely helpful to me. Sharing their own experiences have really been a blessing and I am looking forward to the outcome. As of today, I have less than a month until I'm banded and I can't wait.

Hope F.

i chose dr.curry as my surgeon from what people say about him on here. its all good. i loved him and his staff. they are all very friendly people. i will be getting the gastric sleeve on may 19 th i cant wait.... crystal

Crystal B.

Here are some facts and figures about my journey... Approximately 6 months ago I was banded. To date (my records which may differ from the office records) I am down 114 pounds from since the start of the Pre Op Medifast plan and 67 inches (using bust, waist, hip, thighs and arms as markers) My experiences have been VERY positive and I would recommend the band to ANYONE considering WLS. I found the recovery from surgery pretty easy -only recall one icky day -about 3 days post op. No magic bullets or great wisdom other than FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES DR CURRY SETS. I keep my carbs under 60 grams, my proteins at about 80 grams (sometimes more),plenty of non calorie fluids and my fats at 25 grams per day . I do keep a food journal. All this on ONE FILL (Jan 08). Have I slimed, and PB'd-yes..ALL my fault. Do I follow good bandster behavior -most certainly. My lifestyle is such (me and 2 cats) where I can open a can of tuna for dinner and its OK. I am a bit dull at parties and restaurants, but it is not to hard to pre plan and almost any place can grill you a piece of salmon. My reasons for WLS were to lose weight to facilitate a long overdue hip replacement which I will get at the end of August.As each month has gone by, my energy goes up , my weight goes down and my clothes get baggy.and baggier . I did not begin exercise till mid March. I started with lap swimming- a 40 year favorite of mine. My first experiences in the pool were as follows-the water felt great, but I had lost so much strength and fitness, but I kept at it. Though I was resistant(drive distance/cost) to join Fast Track Metabolic Center, my instincts (and Erin H's gentle urgings) told me to try it. I was surprised at how much I liked it-I joined mid-May. The exercise did not hurt and the people are awesome. Though I have nothing (too much ) against the large glitzy gym where I swim, at Fast Track you get a lot of personalized care and support. I have had some wonderful conversations with other members. At Fast Track I feel at home and well cared for.-they will even change the music for me ! I noticed a few things recently involving my Fast Track experience . It was not difficult for me to add minutes to the Nu Step machine-started at at 10 minutes, now up to 40 . Its been a great stress reliever for me and had a cross training affect on my swimming. When I did my laps on Thursday(long layoff due to my schedule for swim days) , I noticed I was much stronger in the water, and my joints felt much better .I also noticed that the pounds lost/inches loss ratio just about doubled when I joined Fast Track (early statistics, but a statistic nonetheless) For me , this has been a win /win situation. A year ago I felt if I did not become pro-active towards my health challenges, I would not be long for this world .Today I feel strong and confident and I have reclaimed my life. Thank you so much Dr Curry and Staff for all you do.


I had been thinking about the lap-band for quite some time. Finally I picked up the phone and just made that first call. It is the best thing that I ever did. I had surgery at Dr. Curry's new JourneyLite facility and the surgery was very simple and everyone is so nice. I was contacted the next day to make sure I was doing well. I am already down 19 pounds. Dr. Curry and his staff are the best. I just keep thinking about how I will feel a year from now. Sheri Sizemore

Sherry S.

I would like to thank Dr.Curry and everyone that worked with him. The experience that I had before the surgery and the day of surgery was great. The people at JourneyLite were great. Everyone from the secretary, the nurse in pre-op, the gentleman that wheeled me to my car. Thanks to everyone that help in the operating room, a big shout out to all the ladies in the office that I am sure got really tired of me calling and asking questions. Thanks Dr.Curry for answering all the emails that I sent you. I have more energy already and just had surgery 2 weeks ago. The hardest thing I did was the diet before the surgery, but I lost 20 pounds so it was worth it. Thanks to everyone and God Bless.

Marty T.

After being morbidly obese for the last 20 years of my life, I knew that the only solution for me to regain my health and quality of life was to consider bariatric surgery. Dr. Curry's web site was instrumental in giving me the information I needed to pursue that option. My daughter has her bachelor's degree in nursing and works on the medical/surgical floor of a major hospital. After she reviewed Dr. Curry's excellent reputation, she also encouraged me to make an appointment to see what options were available to me. Additionally, Dr. Curry's fees were very reasonable. This also added to the possibility that even though my insurance coverage did not include bariatric surgery, I would be able to afford it. I was so very excited. After meeting with Dr. Curry and his staff, and attending the informational session with my husband, I decided to have the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. My surgery was scheduled within the month. I have never regretted my decision. After arriving home from the hospital, I did not require any pain medication. The procedure could not have gone better. Today I am 72 lbs. less!!! I am even more convinced that the next 50 lbs. will soon be gone! In a period of four months, my quality of life has dramatically improved. I do not have a current picture to post, but will do so soon. Thank you so much, Dr. Curry!

Karen R.

I received my Band at Dr. Curry's Evendale office. The entire process was seamless and having surgery at JourneyLite was a breeze. The staff is knowledgeable, informative and friendly. The info session was thorough and satisfied all of my questions. Dr. Curry surprised me with his approachability. During the Q&A portion of the info session, Dr. Curry stayed to answer every question. I had a great experience with Dr. Curry and I am excited about my new journey with the Band.

Gena N.

I was "so" ready to loose weight and get healthy, but with a BMI of 34.2 which is considered obese, I had to search for a doctor that would perform the lapband on a patient with a BMI of 34 which is difficult because most doctors will only do surgery on BMI of 35 and over. Well, while surfing the web, I came across Dr. Curry. I was first disappointed that he was 3 and 1/2 hours away but I made my appointment anyway and drove the 3 and 1/2 hours. I was so happy after I left the office. At that moment I knew the drive was worth it and I would soon be on my way to a better life.!! He was so awesome and the girls in the office put me at ease and answered every question I had and then some. I really felt a positive connection with a few of the staff members as they also had lapband. JourneyLite surgery center was top notch. They were very caring and made every patient feel so special that day. I was in surgery for such a short time. I couldn't believe that it was over. It was so smooth. It was the best decision I have ever made. Its been a little over a week since surgery and I'm doing great!!! Im so blessed to have Dr. Curry and his staff during this life changing journey. Thanks, Heidi

Heidi B.

I was like a lot of people, over weight, unhappy, out of shape, stayed away from public places. Shopped at night. Lied about food and was hiding my food. It took my younger brother to make fun of me, and the shape of my butt. I was made to see my weight had reached 280 pounds! I am 5'2 after going to the cardiologist for heart problems. Taking 10 medications and insulin being the biggest. I started to work out. But, that was not always good. Didn't want to be by myself. I had a few friends who talked about the "Band" and "Gastric by-pass." We made the appointment and went together. After watching the slides, and listened to Dr.Curry talk, I could tell he cared about the patients, and I was not just a fat pesron. Dr.Curry, cared for me, and he wanted the best for me! He is the greatest Doctor that anyone could, and would ever want. He listens to my fears and concerns. He always listens to what I have to say. Dr. Curry has NEVER maked me feel like " Hurry up, I'm too busy for you." The staff always makes me feel welcomed, and still does to this day. Dr.Curry help save my life, I have taken control of my life and changed it. Since losing 165 pounds and over 130 inches, my life is on the run with entering several marathons, 5k , 10k runs. I will be in a triathlon in June 2009! Thanks to Dr.Curry and the tool of Gastric by-pass. "I am a bananna, when you shed the layers, one waits to see the beautiful fruit that awaits."

Donna C

I have NEVER been through such a quick, easy, and painless (other than surgery) doctor visit!!! The entire staff, along with Dr. Curry are unbelievably nice and knowledgeable. They are honestly there for you at anytime, ready to answer any question. The support from both Dr. Curry's staff and the staff at JourneyLite is unsurpassed!! I am so glad that I made the decison for Dr. Curry to be my surgeon in this life altering endevour. From the time of my first seminar to my surgery was only 6 weeks!! After 2 weeks of the pre-op diet and only one week after surgery, I'm already down 25 pounds and feel like a new person!!

Kelly W.

I have fought my weight problem for more than 10 years and took off pounds many times but would always gain them back. Then 2 years ago my nephew had the lapband surgery and has done very well and thought it would be good for me. At first I thought, No way, would I go that route but the more I researched the procedure the more I thought why not, dieting hasn't worked. So I went to several different Bariatric Doctors and attended their seminars and just couldn't decide who to go with. Then a friend told me about Dr. Curry at Journeylite. I called and registered for his seminar and I knew that night that I wanted to have Dr. Curry and his team do my surgery. The pre-surgery process was fairly simple. The girls in the office were all very helpful in arranging everything for me and each appointment was easy to set up and everyone I have met at Journeylite has been so kind and helpful. Prior to surgery I weighed 215. I went on a 2 week medi fast and liquid fast (per doctor's orders) and dropped 15 1bs. Weighed 200 the morning of surgery. Since my surgery 1 week ago I have lost another 3 1bs. and my blood pressure is down to 117 over 74. I am looking forward to seeing what my cholesterol reading is when I see my PCP. I think I have done very well. Not been sick at my stomach at all this last week and only taken meds for 2 days after surgery. I look forward to getting on the scales each morning now that the number is decreasing and not gaining. I am so thankful to Dr. Curry and his whole Journeylite team that made this all possible for me. I know, now that I have the Realize band in place that I can contiune to drop the weight and feel better about the future with my husband, kids and my 18 month old granddaughter. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I know a lot of women aren't comfortable with other folks knowing they have had Bariatric surgery to lose weight but I am not one of them. I tell everyone about my experience because I know how hearing about this procedure has changed my life and if I can influence others, by sharing my story with them then just maybe they will take the step as I did and have the surgery for themselves. Thanks again to everyone at Journeylite.... Darlene Townsley

Darlene T.

I highly recommend Dr. Curry, his staff and the staff at JourneyLite. From the first time I walked through the door for the seminar and Psych evaluation I felt totally at ease and confident in my choice to have Dr. curry do my Lap Band surgery.Everyone is friendly, helpful and extremely good at their job. I love having my band and am losing weight. I could not have made a better choice. Life is good!

Denise S.

I want to thank Dr. Curry and his staff for all the work they did to get me ready for my surgery and the speedy process. Everyone was so helpful from day one especially Dr. Curry and Lisa Sprong. She is such a wonderful person and a great inspiration. I am 16 pounds down now but have a long way to go! Thank you again Journeylite staff!

Angie L.

I have wonderful things to say about Dr. Curry and his staff! I had surgery on 7/22/08 and had a great experience. I initially emailed Dr. Curry with an inquiry about surgery on 7/24/06 so over the course of almost 2 years, I would periodically email him with questions. I always received a quick response to my question which was rather impressive. When I came in for the seminar, I knew I would go with Dr. Curry for surgery. I liked the staff and felt comfortable with Dr. Curry and Erin on my first appointment. On the day of surgery, his staff, particulary the nurse prepping me and the nurse antitheist, were exceptional at calming my nerves and making me comfortable. Once home after surgery, Lisa has always been avaialble for questions. My husband even commented that he wished the staff at our family doctor's office could learn from Dr. Curry's staff! I have continued to feel like Dr. Curry and his staff care about their patients. Thank you all for helping me change my life!

Lindsey D.

I had been debating about investigating lap-band surgery for over a year. I discovered Dr. Curry’s website and found it one of the most helpful sites to learn about surgery and all of the other questions that go along with such a step. Dr. Curry’s prompt replies to my questions impressed me as well. I attended an information seminar that gave me more confidence to make the move. Everyone on Dr. Curry’s staff was extremely helpful and supportive as I took the leap for surgery. I find it hard to believe that I actually had surgery. Everything went so smoothly and quickly. If anyone doubts making such a decision, you will find the most supportive and kind people with Dr. Curry and his staff to guide you at every level. I feel like I have discovered new family members as the staff encourage me with smiles, suggestions, and as they share their own experiences. From the surgery team at Journey Lite, to the people at the front desk, I experienced that these people really do care how I progress.

Diane D.

For 2 years I researched the Lap-Band procedure, and surgeons, until I knew I had found the right doctor. I went to one other seminar before Dr. Curry's, and thought it was too assembly line for me. When I attended Dr. Curry's seminar, I was sold! The Staff is great, the Journeylite Facility is excellant as well as all the staff that work with up before and after your surgery. I am down 21 lbs since my 1st visit to the office, and I feel great. I actually put on a pair of jeans today that I have not been able to wear in 2 years! I have struggled for 13 years with my weight, and this has just been a blessing! The tool I needed to help me lose the excess weight that no other diet programs have been able to help me with in the past! I highly recommend Dr. Curry and Journeylite for anyone considering weight loss surgery.


I had a lap band put on at the beginning of August. I have lost about 2 pounds a week since the band was put on. I was very impressed with the staff and with Dr. Curry. They were always very attentive and I felt like I was their only patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Curry.

Kim K

I checked out four bariatric surgery centers before making a very well informed decision. Dr. Curry and the staff at Journeylite were by far the best option. There isn't a bunch of hype and false promises, and there is also a great deal of support and compassion. I know a woman who had this procedure done just two weeks before I did at another center not associated with this one. Hearing her recovery reports, I was prepared for a great deal of intial suffering. Boy was I surprised at how much easier and faster my recovery was! That speaks to Dr. Curry's surperior surgical skill. Now, two weeks later, all discomfort is gone and I can do everything I was able to do prior to surgery. I feel great and would recommend Dr. Curry and Jouneylite without hesitation.

Diane B.

This was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and already have a huge sense of accomplishment. With being on the Medifast for 3 weeks prior to the surgery-I have lost nearly 35 pounds and feel like I lost so much more. I can walk up stairs without feeling like I'm going to die. And my self confidence is improving each day. For the first time in a long time I feel as though I am in control instead of the food controlling me. The only thing is I wish I would of done this years ago.Thank you so much Dr. Curry and your caring staff.

Carol H

I had a lap band on 9/23/08. In 3 months I have lost 40 pounds. The lap band is the tool I needed to change my lifestyle. With the band I am able to control my eating. The FAST TRACK facility is great. I work out 5 days a week there. Exercise is not something I enjoy but I have come to realize that it is a necessity for me. The staff at FAST TRACK are trained, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Curry and his staff have been very supportive. I feel they are always available to answer my questions. I would recommend anyone who is considering surgery to contact Dr. Curry's office. They are there for you!


I found out about Dr. Curry while browsing the internet trying to find information about lap band surgery. I traveled 5 hours to his office and was very happy with him and his staff. I had the surgery done 9/30/08 and have been losing 2 pounds per week since. I lost 15 pounds on the medifast diet prior to the surgery. The staff is very encouraging and supportive. Dr. Curry is wonderful because he responds to emails so quickly. The office in Columbus was recently opened which also makes it much more convenient for me for my appointments. Dr. Curry and his staff truly care about the success of their patients. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get weight loss surgery.

Andrea D

I have been 'heavy' since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I can remember going to the doctor (my pediatrician) at the time and having lost 3lbs, we went out and 'celebrated' with ice cream! How sad is that! Here I am struggling with weight most of my life, I done weight watchers, slim fast, lifetime member to Jenny Craig, atkins, south beach, starvation, phen-phen, redux, meridia, and all in all about 30 different diets, and programs. I'd lose it, then gain that and then some back...EVERYTIME! I've heard the snotty comments, all the fat jokes, the whispers, the stares, I've lived the embarassment and humuliation of not fitting in chairs, rides, through pesky gates at concerts etc first hand. I got married 4yrs ago to a handsome fit & healthy firefighter/paramedic, I'm a nurse and EMT so my lifestyle is active, problem being, I just couldnt "LIVE" my own lifestyle. That got me to thinking more about my weight, I'd done some light research on Lap Bands, and Gastric By-pass as well. All I done for 6 years was think about it. Late summer '06 my life changed forever! We had our daughter, a far beyond words beautiful blessing! My perspective changed completely! I didnt gain a lot of weight only 17lbs and was down 22lbs by my 2week check up so I thought I was doing good. At her 1st birthday I was back up 4lbs shy of my delivery weight (the highest I had been at that time in my life) I always made light of my weight, I told the 'fat jokes' before someone else could tell me, I tried to hide all the pain...only those close to me could see through my game. So I began the initial steps (as I had before with other bariatric centers) I went to the info seminar, I met the surgeon, then things got put on hold, I began to have back pain in may'08. I now have herniated disc (L4-5) in my back, on top of my knee injuries/problems that I tried to pawn off on basketball, volleyball etc. My life STOPPED when I couldnt take care of my daughter, myself or even my dog for about 7wks! I was devistated! My world & life as I knew it crashed! I prayed for God to help and heal me. I prayed and God gave me peace about my going forward with lap band surgery and God spared me from emergency back surgery! I'll be 30 at the end of this year, so this is a new lease on my life! Shortly after our little princess turned 2, I took my steps farther than ever before and had the band procedure done 9/30/08 by Dr. Curry. He was by far the best I'd found in my researching, about 8 years now (and before Dr. Curry went into 'bariatric's only' he operated on several of my husband's family members injuries due to farm accidents) so I had already seen his work! HAAHAA All jokes aside, from the initial phone call to recovery to my current follow up, the team is AMAZING!! They are ALL so compassionate, understanding, caring, fun and helpful. They never make you feel like and idiot for 'stupid' questions. They are LITERALLY there for you 24/7! I'm ONLY 10 weeks post-op. I'm down 24lbs as of my 8 week check up! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?!?! And this time, it's staying off, because I have all the right tools, my band, proper nutrition education, amazing support team of my awesome husband, family, and Dr. C's crew, and the proper motivation...I WANT TO LIVE A GOOD HEALTHY LIFE with my husband, for our daughter! I've already noticed an amazing change in my back, and my neuro-surgeon has put off surgery to let me lose more weight to help my process along and back heal. Both teams of doc's are completely supportive of one another, and they all have the same goal, to see me healthy! THANK YOU to Dr. Curry and his awesome staff! You guys are amazing, and have totally given me the chance at a healthy life for the long-term. Saying thank you isnt enough! I'm getting so many compliments on looking good, I'm just happy with feeling good! I'm nowhere near my goal, but I'm well on my way! I'm doing great, I feel great, I have so much more energy and motivation. I cant wait to keep living life, I can already do so much more with my little girl!... I believe this is a personal choice, and for me it was the perfect choice. I make a little drive to see Dr. Curry and his team, but I wouldnt have it any other way! If anyone is considering a bariatric procedure, and banding is an option, I highly reccomend it, ok 100% reccomend it! If you're looking for any bariatric go anywhere, but if you're looking for the best, STOP HERE! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING YOUR HEART DR. CURRY! ~Marcie~

M Shoup

Thank you, thank you to Dr. Curry and his staff I finally feel I have a chance to reach my weight loss goals. My lapband has given me the tools I need to get myself into great shape once and for all. I especially want to thank them for all the support and encouragement along the way. And if I ever have a problem I know that they are with me every step of the way. I am finally losing weight and feeling good about myself and my goals. I would not go to any other doctor, the team and the program here are simply the best!

Susan B.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a great surgeon. I have been so excited about this whole process. Taking the first step of getting bariatric surgery was a big decision. I attended two other seminars before attending yours, I just didnt get the "I'm at the right place" feeling. I decided to drive to Cincinnati and try your seminar. After attending and meeting some of your staff, I had no doubt that I was in the right place. Having two children and fighting with my weight my whole life, I decided to make a change and get the lap band. I tried very hard before I had the surgery to lose it on my own. I had a membership at the gym and I also had a personal trainer. Diet pills and strict regimens had not gotten my weight where it needed to be. I could not get under the 200lb. mark for anything. I went to your seminar and scheduled my consultation immediately after. In a short four weeks I had my surgery at Journylite of Cincinnati. I was impressed with all the staff, from the receptionist to the nurses and of course you! My surgery went great; I was up and back to normal in a few days. Most importantly, I broke the 200lb. mark in no time at all. I was banded on Sept. 9 2008 and not even 3 months later I am already in the 170’s. What a life changing experience this has been for me and my family. Thank you so much for taking the extra time and care you do with all of your patients. You truly are a “life” saver. Sincerely, Robin Smith

Robin S.

I am 33 yrs. old and I weighed 338lbs. My weight started to have a serious effect on my health and mobility. I have, as many of you, have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was an athlete and, while I was a bit overweight, I was in good shape. When I graduated from high school and the sports ended my weight started to slowly (and steadly) go up. It didn't seem like there was anything I could do about it. I was on all the fad diets- liquid diets, atkins, weight watchers- and lost as much as 50 lbs. Then I would just gain it all back and more. I had to do something more; something permanent. After about a year of thinking about and researching my options, I bit the bullet and scheduled my appointment. I have a 2 year old daughter- she was the deciding factor for me. She pushed me off of the fence I had been sitting on. Dr. Curry and his team are great. I have never had a Doctor who is so accessible. You send the man an email from his website, and he gets back to you within the hour. I bet his wife hates his blackberry, but it was good for me. I did have questions. The recovery was short, and I have not had any problems with food. I can eat whatever I want...just much less...and I'm not hungry. I have lost 50 lbs so far. If you have been thinking about the band, I say go for it! It has realy put the spring back in my step, and I feel so much better, so much more confident. Actually my wife and I are expecting another baby, so it helps in many ways.

Rob C.

This operation was a life saver for me. I was pre-diabetic, three pills a day for high blood pressure, as well as the worst eating habits. I had to make a choice, continue at this pace and be ready to die sooner rather than later. I choose to get my life back to what I knew it could be. Four months since my meds are cut in half, my waist size has gone from 48 to 40, I have learned how to eat a NORMAL diet. the very best part about all of this, i almost never miss the old habits. I will say, once in a while the old way of doing things flares up, it's natural, and it goes away as quickly as it comes. I have so much energy, way more then i can remember, i've started working out at a gym, small weights and lots of cardio.The staff that you will be dealing with at this clinic is top of the line. The entire staff are Cincinnati Bengal fan and i'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, they still welcomed in with open arms. I drive two and a half hours each way for my appointments which is so worth the trip simply because they are all so special, and have given me a new way to live a healthy life.

Anthony P.

After attending meetings at four locations, I decided that Journey Lite was the best fit for me. Having Lap Band surgery at Journey Lite was the best decision that I ever made. Dr. Curry and his staff are accommodating, encouraging, and kind, and I have already started to see steady improvement in my health and in my stamina. In the first eight weeks, I have lost 22 pounds and 21 1/2 inches, and I am excited to see the changes the new year will bring! Thanks Dr. Curry and thanks to each of the staff members in all three offices. Support is essential to the success of this program, and you have all been wonderfully supportive! Sincerely, Brenda Barrett PS Come over to Fast Track and meet us! You won't believe the success stories you will hear or the support you will get in YOUR weight loss journey!

Brenda B

Dr Curry did my surgery. He saved my life! We also have custody of three kids now, so it saved them from foster care. He and the entire staff were great. I was on a downward spiral of depression and didn't want to get out of bed any more. Thanks to Dr Curry, I am taking care of these kids, doing Relay for life walks, and doing a lot of things I wouldnt have been doing otherwise. Thanks again. Pam Adams. 232/114

Pam A.
Gastric bypass

Dr.Curry and his team are GREAT! They have made me feel very calm and confident during Pre-Op time. I am so glad I chose Dr.C to do my surgery, I have no regrets. I go for my 1st fill in 2wks. I am excited about my new healthy life. Thanks to everyone!

Amy F.
northern Ohio

Wow...where do I begin. I started my search of the lapband in May 08 and then subscribed to a forum I found that many people from the tri-state area used Dr. Curry, better known as (Dr.C) and I was impressed to know that people actually traveled to have surgery by him. Because I lived in Indianapolis and never saw many people rant and rave about local Dr.'s I decided to schedule to attend one of Dr. C's free seminars. That's all it took. I was hooked. After the seminar, I scheduled to consult with Dr. C personally along with my husband that same day. His soft caring ways is what captured me aside from the fact that he is so thorough. I didn't seem to be just another number, but a person that he cared about helping reach the ultimate goal of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. I told him I was wanting the surgery as soon as he could perform it. He looked at his calendar and came up with the September 2, 2008 date at which time he penciled in. I scheduled my seminar with the nutritionist and had my psyc evaluation the following week and I was good to go. I started my pre-op duet 2 weeks prior to the surgery and on the morning of September 2nd traveled to Cincinatti to have the surgery. I was amazed at the level of professionalism, care and concern everyone of Dr. C's staff exhibited. I change into that stylish surgery garb, hopped on the bed, talked with the anesthesiologist while he put stuff in my veins, kissed my husband and off to surgery I went. Much to my amazement, the surgery only lasted 15 minutes. What an efficient Dr? I had a little nausea and some dry heaves but that was it. My post op care has been as great as pre op. On top of it, who has ever heard of their Dr. having a VIP Red Carpet Event for his patients? Dr. C is hosting this event for his patients, which proves the care,concern and hopes for success he has for all of his patients. I am 7 months post op and have lost 54 lbs and continue to lose. I feel great and look forward to being at goal by the end of this year 2009. I say all this to say, won't you choose Dr. C as your Dr.? You wont be sorry, you won't have regrets but it he will give you hope for a better future. Thanks Dr. C.

L.A. Hobbs

Well it has been 2 years since my lap band surgery. AS of this morning I have lost 102 lbs. I will never look back. It has changed my life, my mental well-being and outlook on life forever. I still enjoy food as much as I did before, just not so much of it. I was a stranger to the gym until last April (1 year post-op. I now enjoy going 3-4 times a week. I paid for 75 sessions with personal training. I lost my last 35 lbs from do that. Go for it - you will never look back.

Bob R

I am six months out from my surgery. I had the gastric banding. I am so glad I did it. I am 3 pounds from breaking the 200 mark and am becoming re-motivated. I would love to lose 20 more by the time my husband returns from over-seas. Good luck to all of the others who have motivation to accomplish their life goals.

Trisha W.

After, I finally made my mind up to have weight loss surgery, my next big step was to find the perfect Doctor.So, for the next few months, I stayed busy searching for that perfect Doctor, whom I could trust to do my surgery, and guess what...I found him..I had to travel out of state, but I would not change a thing. Dr. Curry and his staff are wonderful, I would recommend to anyone out there looking for a highly trustworthy Doctor, and to top it off, if you are a self pay customer as I was, the price is great..

Darlene S.

It has been a year almost to the day since my lap band surgery. I have reached my goal weight given me by Dr. C. I started out at 236 lbs. and now I'm weighing in at 163 lbs. I steadily gained this weight probably over a 10 year period - few pounds every year. Dr. C and staff took time with me and helped mold me into my current size 10. I was a model in my 20's and I've since realized that I am smaller now, than I was then. I thank Dr. C and staff every time I visit the office. They laugh and say they are just doing their job. But, I remind them of a few of our previous conversations whereby I stated, "before my surgery, I hated looking in the mirror at the person I had become." And now, (thanks to them and self determination) I can cross my legs w/o them falling asleep and, I can bend over and tie my shoe w/o discomfort to my stomach or suffering the headache that some times came along with completing such a simple task. I remind them that although these things may be minor to some...they are major milestones for me. I love the new me, buying new clothes and having co-workers & family members wondering what is HER secret. No more depression, no more "that won't fit", no more hiding out, no more non-socialization...I am free. Thanks to Dr. C and his staff.


So I had my band on May 17 of this year i'm down 45 lbs already and still losing. I haven't had any problems since having my band placed. The staff is always nice. And since having the band placed just found out were expecting.

Sarah B.

I am so happy that I made the decision to have the lap-band procedure done. I feel great. I love Dr. Curry and his team, I walk into the office and EVERYONE is so nice! They are very helpful and very friendly. Always there to help and answer any questions you have. If I had to do this all over again I definitely would, and I definitely would go to Dr. Curry.

S. Stephens

I was banded in 2006, and Dr. Curry and his staff were great with insurance, and pre operative questions. I handed everything over to them and they took control, I had to do anything! Just follow their direction. I lost 80 lbs and was doing great. Then I relocated from cincinnati a few years ago, and had to find a new doctor, still after leaving Dr. Curry has been there for me. I just cannot say enough about him! Hes compassionate, and truly the band master! I've been to other doctors out there and they just don't match up he has set such extremely high standards. I've actually thought about taking a flight from where I live in New York, just because I trust him that much!


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my surgery! Dr. C. did my lap band surgery and it was successful. My recovery has been very good and I am losing weight. I am wearing outfits I had "outgrown" and others can tell I am losing. Dr. Curry and staff have been wonderful, answering questions, giving suggestions, and keeping me informed of all the information and support I need to continue to be successful. If you go with them, I believe you will be very glad you did! Everyone, from front desk staff, PA, dieticians, and even the young lady who walks you to the back, is so kind and helpful. Professionals to the nth degree.

Lap Band Patient

I cannot say enough about this fabulous group of people. The day I had my pre-op appointment, my Dad passed away. I called the office and spoke with Amanda to cancel my appointment. I told her that I would need to reschedule my surgery because I could not make the pre-op appointment. She told me to wait until I spoke with Charity. Later that day, Charity called me. She told me they were going to work with me so I did not have to reschedule (I already had my time off work, etc). That is exactly what they did. Everyone just bent over backwards to make sure I had my surgery on the scheduled day. I have had no pain, no nausea and no regrets. Each and every person from Dr. Curry's office has been stellar. I cannot say enough about these wonderful group of professionals. Thank you Dr. C.!!!!!

Becky R.

Dr. Curry and his staff are wonderful! I have never regretted choosing them to help me accomplish one of the biggest goals in my life. Not only are they extremely professional, they are kind, compassionate, non judgemental and I believe, truly want the very best outcome for each patient. It's been 17 months since my surgery. Dr. Curry and his staff were there for me from day 1 and I have no doubt they will be there for me for years to come. :)


Just starting out on my journey, however I can say everyone has been kind and helpful.

Janet A.

I started my journey October 2010. Had great guidance throughout. Surgery has gone well with minimal pain. Eating instructions were right on and I can already see a change in my poor habits. I am excited about the next few months as I embrace the full aspects of a change life.

David A.

Very pleasant experience..I was scared out of my mind of surgery but proudly my Lapband procedure went GREAT!and I am happy to be apart of a wonderful team..I was all nervous for nothing.

Shay B.
Lap Band Patient

I had surgery on May 16. Of course I was very nervous, because this was my first surgery in my life. The customer staff both in office and in the clinic was absolutely wonderful. They were attentive, extremely polite. I was being treated a human not a number. It was very comforting and emotionally supportive. The day of my surgery I was taken inside and the nurses started taking care me immediately. I am very scared from needles and had couple bad experiences before. But I was grateful that Chriss took care it so easily with her gentle touch. I always felt safe because I knew my doctor Curry is one of the best doctors in the country. I loved his meticulous nature; I enjoyed watching his YouTube gastrectomy video. After the surgery was over, I was already under the care of nurses. Michel and Steven were absolutely wonderful. They were so caring, so friendly. Anytime I needed something, even one tiny whisper, and Steven immediately would hurry to help me. I was in a lot of pain because of the gas issue, so I could never do even the simplest move without his help. Thank you, every one of you was great and beautiful. I also had wonderful experience with Kathy. Oh, dear, what a sweet lady. I never take anything for granted, and I appreciated everything about everyone. Dr. Curry is always there anytime I need any support and I don�t feel helpless or vulnerable. He is just an email away and great thank you for everything, Doctor Curry. I am taking my surgery very seriously and religiously following every step of the three week recovery program. It is absolute miracle I have no appetite. What a blessing. In my surgery day, May 16 I was 166 lb, and today, in May 23, I am 154. I could never imagine this in my wildest dream. But it is true. Finally I am in control. I am still recovering and now I will get better and better. Thank you, Dr Curry, Thank you staff members of office and clinic, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!.


I had my surgery one week ago and I can not thank Dr. Curry and his staff enough for all their support. The fast track staff, Rebecca and all the office staff have been helpful and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to an ongoing relationship as I continue to work toward my weight loss goal. Thanks Everyone!

Meg S.

Another great job by Dr. Curry and his staff. on May 26,2011 I had my Lap Band removed and had the Gastric Sleeve done. I felt great, no pain and no problems. Everybody did a fantastic job from pre op to post op. Nurses were great and were very helpful all night long. Having all the fluids pumped into your system I was getting up a lot to go to the restroom. Thank you Robbie for getting my bag down every time I needed to go.

Debbie T.

I must say everyone at Dr Curry office has been very nice and help through my journey to my new and healthy life.

Marilyn C.

Andrea, my recovery nurse, was excellent. She made me feel that she was there for me alone and did everything in a professional manner.

Jenny A.

For several months, I researched the band and sleeve procedure. I live in Columbus,OH, so I researched doctors here and all over Ohio. For some reason, I kept coming back to Dr. Curry's website. So, I decided to contact Dr. Curry, and I received an immediate response, and the process began. From the very beginning, I was very impressed. Most of our contact was done online with a Q&A webinar and emails. After that, I made my decision,and scheduled a meeting in Cincinnati. The entire office is truly dedicated to helping people. All of the staff I met was very kind and helpful, as well as, the staff from Fast Track. I felt very comfortable and followed their process. Dr. Curry helped me decided if the band or sleeve was best for me, and I decided on the sleeve. Everything was scheduled and the process was very smooth. I was a self-pay patient, so I didn't have to deal with insurance issues. Sadly, my insurance pays nothing for bariatric surgery. On July 21, 2011, I had my sleeve surgery at JourneyLite. The staff at JourneyLite was amazing and wonderful! I felt so cared for and comfortable during my entire stay. I go for my check-up here in Columbus tomorrow, July 29. I am very excited that Columbus has an office here now. So, my journey begins and Dr. Curry and staff will be apart of this journey for several years!

Bob T.

I just want to say thanks to Dr. Curry and his staff for taking go care of me and making sure that my health is up to par.

Eboni H.

I have been very pleased with the care and concern I have received from all staff members at JourneyLite. Every call has been returned. Questions have been honestly answered. I am looking forward to the ongoing support during the years ahead as my "new relationship" with food evolves! Sincerely, Barb Voelkel

Barbara V.

After several years of battling with my weight, I came to Dr. Curry and his team. Not only were they all eager to help me through the whole process, they encouraged me the whole way through. I am only 7 Days Post Op, but already feel the changes. Dr. Curry and his team did a great job for me and I continue to look forward to the positives that will come from this experience. Thank You Dr. Curry and your staff for giving me a fresh start! Thanks for everything, Blake Weirich

Blake W.

Dr. Curry and his staff are the best! Have a question or a problem they have the answers before you need to ask. Rebecka is awesome she has helped me over and over again with my diet and a numerous amounts. I love all of you! THANKS.

Adrienne H.

After several years of trying to have surgery with Dr. Curry I am so happy to have finally been able to have my procedure done by Dr. Curry. I am very impressed and at ease with the support system that is in place and all the support staff that is there for me. I could not have any better care anywhere else the day of my surgery & during my overnight stay. The staff was more than accomodating & made me comfortable.

L. Grause

I have been greatly impressed with Dr. Curry and staff at Evendal and Northern KY. After the 2 week pre-op diet my ankles were no longer swollen. Five days after surgery I was taken off of insulin. I took 5 shots a day and the swelling hasn't come back in my ankles even though I have been off of the lasix.From the first day of the pre-op till today 1 week post op I have lost 20 pounds. I feel I am a new me on a great jouney that is only going to get better. The way I was,I was only getting worse. Thanks to you Dr. Curry and your wonderful staff. I have truly been blessed.

Joyce C.

The team at Journey Life has been great. They have answered my question promptly and professionally, with a personal touch. The surgery was handled with great care. My Overnight recovery time for the sleeve was without problems. My discharge the next day was seamless. My after care with my first visit post-op went very well. I realize that I have not had any problems with this process, some others may. The other patients that had surgery the same day as I did had some problems thru the night and the staff cared for them very well. I think that this is the surgical tool that I have needed for success and am very grateful that I found them. I am a nurse myself and cannot fault any of the care given here . I will recommend it to others who are searching for a surgical tool to assist them in their journey. Good Luck to all who follow.

Carolyn W.
Sleeve patient

I had my surgery 15 days ago and couldn't be any more pleased with Dr Curry, his staff, the surgery clinic and the smoothness of the process. I was really worried about getting sick after the operation, as that is usually what happens. I did have a little dry heeves, but not near what I've had in the past. The pain was minimal and I was up and walking a few hours after surgery. I would recommend Dr Curry and his staff to anyone considering WLS.

Pat M.

From the time I laid down on the operating table until the time I WALKED out of the hospital was 1 hour, 55 minutes. It's been a week and I have had virtually zero surgical pain. Special thanks to Anesthesiologist Dr. Mike for his fantastic bedside manner and very informative chat.

Kenneth W.

Wow! 8 days since surgery and I feel better than I have in years. I read lots of things before surgery and how people were miserable and starving and felt like they would never eat real food again. I didn't realize how bad I felt before. I was my highest weight this past spring at a whooping 316lbs and I am only 5ft 2in. I have chronic knee pain and have had 3 surgeries. I have slept good for years. I use to get up every 1-2 hours to go to the bathroom or just change position. I didn't think I had any sleeping or breathing problems. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure this spring. My dad died at age 42 from a heart attack and this year I turned 42 so when they said my bp was high the panic light switch came on. I finally realized if I didn't do something- and something drastic- in 5 or 10 years I wouldn't be around anymore. So I went back to weight watchers and lost 10lbs over 3 months. I saw myself falling into the same old trap again. I've tried all the diets- slim fast, Jenny Craig, Weight watchers several times, and a lot of crazy word of mouth diets. I can lose weight, but I couldn't keep it off. It always came back plus some for good measure. I had talked to a few people who had a band and was on the fence. Being in the medical profesion a bypass just scared me to death and I had a friend die after one. So I did some research and I decided there was no one better than Dr. Curry. I had also decided on a band. When I went for my information seminar I was impressed, but when I went for my first appointment I was convinced Dr. Curry was the surgeon for me and I needed surgery. He also recommended I consider a gastric sleeve over a band because " I would have to be an a+ patient to suceed with a band". For the amount of weight I needed to lose, I would reach my goal much faster with a sleeve. So it took me a long long time to decided what I wanted to do. Removal of a natural part of my body- and cutting into the bowel- scarred me because I know the risks of infection and leakage of bowel content into the body could mean death. It actually took me 3 months to lose 20lbs- which is required for all people who have surgery- but mostly because I couldn't decided between the band and the sleeve. Finally one day I asked my husband piped in and said, "you know he's the doctor, he's the best, you should do what he recommended". So I finally decided he was right and I moved forward, scheduled nutrition class and surgery. Again I am 8 DAYS out from surgery and I feel fabulous. Since this spring I have lost a total of 60lbs!!! My knees don't hurt nearly as much, I only get up once during the night, I sleep in the same position almost all night, I have more energy than I've had in years! I can't begin to thank Dr. Curry and his amazing staff enough. I have very little pain after and since surgery. I was only on pain medicine for 2-3 days after surgery. I can't wait to get moving and seriously exercising. I miss food but I keep telling myself this is not forever. One day I can eat cheeseburgers and pizza. I will just eat part of a cheeseburger and part of a piece of pizza not 4 pieces. My new stomach is fabulous. I can now tell the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger. I won't even realize I'm hungery and all of a sudden my stomach growls. It is great because my focus is not on food but what all I am doing. I can't wait to see how I feel as the next 60lbs come off.

Jennifer C.

As a health care provider in rural Alaska, I want to be a good role model of health to all of my patients. After five years of diet failures to the point of self induced kidney stones, I finally decided it was time to have lap band surgery. I researched for several months, and decided to go with Dr. Trace Curry and Journey Lite. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Curry and the Journey Lite Staff in Ohio. They are so worth a 13 hour flight! Dr Curry and many of his staff members are banded, which to me is awesome because they were able to describe how I might feel after surgery as well as in the weeks post op. I have to admit, I am a nervous patient! A little medical knowledge is just enough to freak me out! Nurse Kathy had just been banded a week before me, and I think it was awesome of her to tell me not to think I am having a heart attack if I wake up with left chest and shoulder pain. I was a fast track patient coming from Alaska, so I had my psyche eval, nutrition class and meeting with Dr. Curry the day before my surgery. I have to say it was absolutely awesome. It went very smooth. Everyone was very nice, kind and efficient. After my nutrition class I felt very prepared for the post op experience. I never heard the term PB'ing before, and I promise I will try to avoid that at all costs! The next morning my husband brought me in to Journey Lite. I absolutely loved all the nurses, and the nurse anesthetist Mikey. Mikey made sure my IV was good, I am a hard stick, and he assured me I would not wake up in the middle of the procedure. I was nervous and he gave me a shot of versed. All I remember after that was talking to them about working in a rural clinic in Alaska. The last thing Mikey said to me was good night Kristen.. see you in recovery! It felt like I was asleep for like five minutes. This is how awesome Dr. Curry is.. I had an ugly hole next to my belly button, from a belly ring I had in my youth pre -fat days, and he closed it up for me!! He also fixed a hiatal hernia that I had no idea that I even had! I am so happy about that! When I woke up in recovery I had no abdominal pain. All my discomfort was in my left shoulder and chest. I am so glad Kathy warned me about that, because I would have been worried about it I had not known that ahead of time. I only remember bits and pieces of the recovery room. I remember my hubby helping me get dressed. I don't remember going to the car!! Gotta love anesthesia! I did really good drinking my fluids that day, and getting up every two hours. As an incentive to get me out of the hotel and walking, my hubby told me he found a Vera Bradley store. He knows how much I love Vera Bradley bags, and we have no stores in the Alaskan bush where we live! So there we are five hours after surgery picking out handbags. I have to say that walking really does help with the left shoulder pain!! Well that's my lap band story!! If you are considering it.. do it!! It's not scary at all! It is also not an easy way out!! You have to completely relearn how to eat to care for your band and become a healthy weight.

Kristen G.

Where do I even begin? My experience with Dr. Curry and his team has been absolutely phenominal. The care you receive before during and after your surgery is remarkable. Any questions I have are usually answered the first time I call, if someone has to call me back I have never waited more than 20-30 minutes. The literature you receive about your surgery - pre op and post is very thorough. I can't say enough about Dr. Curry and his staff. They have blessed me with a new start on life, and I will forever be greatful to them!

Amy R.

I have nothing but excellent things to say about Dr. Curry and his team! I phone the office and somebody always returns my calls. Wait time in the office is minimal. The education is very informative. Dr. Curry is an exceptional surgeon after researching several surgeons is wasn't difficult to decide to drive three hours to have my surgery at Dr. Curry's practice.

Julie T.

Dr. Curry's office made the process of having lap band surgery so easy. They took care of everything in terms of my insurance and made sure I understood every step along the way. The day of surgery Dr. Curry and the staff at Journey Lite were very professional and were able to calm my nerves, make me feel safe, and in good hands. After surgery, the post-op instructions were very clear and helped me to understand exactly what I needed to do and what to expect. It was reassuring to know that either Dr. Curry or his nurse were able 24 hours a day if I had questions or concerns. Thanks for your help and a happier 2012 for me! Samantha

Samantha S.
Lap Band Patient

My VSG surgery went off without a hitch. It was done at the Journey Lite surgery center and I received excellent care. I stayed 23 hours and was discharged the following morning. My pain was well controlled and follow up care was excellent. I would recommend Dr. Curry without hesitation. As a former Lap Band patient, I can honestly say that the gastric sleeve was a better choice for me. It's a tool that I will have for the rest of my life. Thanks Dr. Curry!

Greg M.
Band to sleeve

There are not words to describe the high quality that you will receieve at Dr. Curry's office. The staff knows you by name and talks to you as if you have known them your whole life. I am so glad that I choose Dr. Curry for my procedure as I know that I will get the best quality of care that can be given.

M. Smith

On January 9, 2012 I had the Lap Band surgery. Being a former surgical nurse myself, I knew what to expect during and after the surgical process. But I was pleasantly surprised with the staff before and immediately after my surgery in how professional and caring they were. Kathy and Angela were so nice. I could hear them taking care of other patients when I was waiting to be taken back for my surgery, and boy do they know their stuff! Everyone was very attentive to my needs and extremely nice. I look forward to posting before and after pics soon!

Tricia R.
Lap Band Patient

Dr. Curry, Your team is the best from the first phone call to the surgery day and the post e-mails. I can't say enough about your pre op nurses for both my EGD and surgery day. I was so scared the day of surgery I could hardly hold myself. But Leah was so confident and helpful to me. Just her confidence made a world of difference. Your PACU nurse was also great just hovering like a mother and sick child. I felt very cared for. My husband had the same experience with working with them. Lisa of course is a great teacher herself explaining everything in detail. Also, finding the correct pain meds for me to take at home. Since I cannot take Tylenol because of my liver she got me an answer and prescription before I left the day of pre surgery testing. Your office staff is also very helpful. I did not meet a lot of them but Mary Kate helped me a lot in getting me hooked up the right browser to be able to view the videos. Your confidence and kindness has meant a lot to me. I only hope I can do you justice and loose the weight I need to help give my liver the boost it needs. Hope to see you soon. Sincerely, Rebecca Coe

Rebecca Coe
Dr. Curry, Your team is the best from the first phone call to the surgery day and the post e-mails.

Dr. Curry and his staff are excellent. Everything was greatly explained and went better than expected. I have been telling all my friends and family how great my experience was. Thanks a million!!!!

Jennifer T.

I LOVE Dr.Curry team! they take GREAT care of me. Thanks team!!!

Kristen B.

Let me tell you, if you want the best bariatric surgeon in the state of Ohio, the best care, a thorough and comprehensive knowledge about gastric surgery,then let me put your mind at ease if you are considering having Dr. Curry as your gastric surgeon. I work in a local medical center and both his surgical staff, pre-op and post-op, and those you will meet at your initial consultatation are fantastic.Everyone answers your questions, allieviates your fears and concerns, and most importantly, makes you fully understand every aspect of your life changing journey. And that is exactly what it is: a journey to better your health and wellness. If you have a question, as I did and still do, you can simply email them (including Dr. C)and they will get back to you...even on the weekend! They are no more than a phone call away if you need an answer quickly too. I was terrified of having my lap band done, even up to the moment of being taken to the surgical suite. My reasons for having this procedure was just not solely to lose weight but to get off my diabetes (pre) injections. Every fear I had was reassured by his staff that my fears were very normal & that I was truly doing the right thing to better my health. Yes the first few days were difficult but do I have any regrets? Absolutely not! To have any regrets to have better health & be off medications would be sheer stupidity. I have a long way to go but I know if I have questions, concerns, or even that slightest doubt I was wrong about this, I know someone from his staff will be there for or night, weekday or weekend, and no doubt even on a holiday. YOU are the most important person in your life and never forget that so don't be afraid or have any hesitations about Dr. Currey and his staff. You'll be in great hands every step of the way.

Lori C.

All went very well, and considering the overall process it was very well run. My one and only word of advise to anyone thinking about this- stay away from sick people after your surgery! I came down with a sinus infection unrelated to the operation, and it made my recovery not very nice. That's it, but so far so good.

Jeffrey C.

I had my surgery 2 years ago this May. I still go to Zumba at Dr. Curry's office and love it! I've lost 140+ pounds and it has changed my life. At well over 300 lbs, I used to not be able to walk from the chair to the car. I took 13 different medications to control everything from high blood pressure to diabetes to NASH. Now I take zero medicines and I'm competing in 5k's. It's been both a challenge and a joy to go through the process- I would do it all again tomorrow without hesitation. Thanks Dr. Curry and Staff-you are AMAZING!

Mariane L

Dr Curry & Staff, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with you and your staff and the results I am getting, everything went off without a hitch and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asked...Thank you for making my new life get off to a smooth start!! Mike Randall

Michael R.

I cannot tell you enough good things about Dr. Curry and his staff! I was treated with respect and absolutely wonderful care. I'm so glad with my decision about my Gastric Sleeve surgery. I would recommend Dr. Curry and his team to anyone and everyone.

Erica B.
Gastric Sleeve Patient

I must personally say a big thank you to Dr curry and his staff .it felt wonderful to have people like you guys during a time that was physically and emotionally stressful.your jokes,smile,and positive attitudes really made me felt comfortable.i also want to say a big thank you to Vicki the over night nurse that took care of me how compassioate and kind she have all made this a wonderful experience Thanks guys keep up the good work!

Marcella P.

I started off my journey weighing 275 lbs with a BMI of 46. I went to the Seminar at the end of September with the intentions of getting the LapBand surgery, however sitting through the Seminar and receiving all the information from Dr. Curry I left the seminar very interested in the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Everyone was very helpful, and I got insurance approval pretty quickly. The dieticians gave me wonderful information, and I felt ready to have the procedure. On Nov. 21st I had the gastric sleeve surgery, the pre-surgery nurses were absolutely amazing, very comforting & eased my nerves quickly. After surgery care was great, I had to stay for 24 hrs then went home after keeping down some jello, and sipping on water. I did end up having complications the following week, and became very ill. With just one phone call to Dr. Curry he had me at my local hospital getting a CT Scan checking for any issues. The scan showed an abscess, Dr. Curry immediately sent me to Jewish Hospital where he began treating me. He was wonderful, very personable & I felt very thurough. From what I understand I fall in the small percentage of anyone having complications, but would like to say that I felt like I remained in good hands. After 2 hospital stays & a few months of home health care I can finally say I am so glad I had this surgery. I am down 90 lbs in a matter of 5 months, my BMI was 33 at my last appt. and I am wearing the same size jeans as when I graduated in 1996 :) Maybe my complications would discourage some people, but I would still speak up for Dr. Curry, NP Lisa, and his staff, they took great care of me, and I am grateful ! Thanks Dr. Curry for giving me my life back I'm happier now than I've been in years, and I can breath & tie my shoes at the same time !


My surgery went very well, I have had no problems or complaints. Everyone has been so informative and taking care of me from the first time I walked into the door with my initial visit. I have lost 17 lbs so far and I am so excited what the next 6 months to a year bring for me. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Dr. Curry and his staff.

Holly J.

I had gastric bypass surgery on May 18th. I was and am very happy with the care I have received from Dr. Curry and his staff. I was especially impressed and happy with all of the information supplied to me beforehand so that I knew what to expect and how to plan for the surgery and recovery. The Saturday support group meetings helped. Rebecca led some of them and gave excellent suggestions for eating. She is so enthusiastic it is difficult not to get excited too. It has been 10 days since my surgery and I feel that my recovery is going exceptionally well. Thank you, Dr. Curry and your staff.

Susan B.
Gastric bypass

Dr.Curry and his staff have been fantastic! I lost 10# prior to the surgery and this was the first diet in my whole life that I didn't cheat on the first day and actually did it for a whole week!. I had the Surgery on a Monday and left 5 hours later to go home. On Saturday, I had already lost 8 more pounds and felt great for a total of 18# in only 2 weeks! The Best thing about the Gastric Sleevectomy was that I didn't feel hungry and I didn't feel like I was having to starve myself to lose weight.

Robin E.

Great care was given me. A well oiled machine this place is...... Thank you Dr. Curry and Staff!

Barbara A.

This is a before & after work photo, I'm almost 6 months out from surgery, and not at goal weight, but this is pleasing :) Thanks again Dr. Curry

Tessa E.

It's been seven days since my surgery and I'v been pain free for all of that time. The only pain I've felt was a mild rug burn feel where my stitches are. I've had no hunger pains or any feeling of hunger at all. Looking forward to completion of my next puree week.

Marie G.

I have recently had gastric bypass done and the staff was great , they take time to answer every question. They are a bunch of great caring peopleI have recently had gastric bypass done and the staff was great , they take time to answer every question. They are a bunch of great caring people

Jennifer J.

Dr. Curry and all of his staff do an excellent job taking care of their patients. From the very first appointment through the operation, all of the staff was very helpful, caring and understanding. Even the office staff was very professional and caring. I highly reccomend the entire staff to anyone who is thinking about any of the services they provide. Thank you!!

Dusty C.

Where do I begin with this? I had a sleeve on Jan 30 and its now July 19 and I am 108 lbs down. I lost about 20 pre-surgery which helped but WOW! My life has changed in every possible way. Dr. Curry and his staff were understanding and supportive every step of the way. The JourneyLite facility was top notch-I had a great group of nurses around at all times helping in any way possible. I cannot recommend Dr.C enough for anyone even considering some form of weight loss.

Erin Y.

such a great team. All of my questions answered, always there when I have a question. Helping me every step of the way. I did my research before starting this journey and Dr. Curry and his staff far exceeded all I had hoped for. I did check out other teams but no came close to this group!!! Keep up the great work!!

Geri H.

I had my sleeve done on July 20, 2012. And all I have to say is that Dr. Curry and his team is AMAZING! So happy that I decided to go with him. He truley cares about his patients!

Miranda B.
JourneyLite/Dr. Curry Patient

Everyone was great to me!! Dr Curry did amazing job on my surgery. Anytime I would email Dr Curry about and issue he would get right back to me. Also the staff they were so patience when I would call in and ask questions, everyone get's back to you asap. Lovely group of people the office is Evendale is pleasent and clean. I'm so happy that I got my surgery done there and even after my surgery everyone is there for you and to help you succeed.

Kelly G.

I just had my Lap Band surgery one week ago. But, I had to make sure and write this, hoping that anyone contemplating on going this this facility would read it. If you are like me I was embarressed of my weight situation, and was afraid of the looks and attitudes that I might get from the staff. Let me tell you...have no fear. I am not exagerating when I say that EVERYONE from the ladies at the reception area all the way up to and including Dr. Curry himself are the most friendly, comforting, welcoming and helpful people I have ever come across. When I left there after my lengthy pre-sugery visit I was almost in tears because of the amount of caring that every person puts into each patient. Even my silly questions (to Rebecca) that I called about after surgery was met with a very friendly demeanor and comforting/encouraging words. I love everyone there and thank God that he brought them into my life. I know that I would not and could not have done this without them!

Susan A.
Lap Band Patient

I want to thank Dr.Trace Curry and his staff,they are the best ever.I have never been so happy in all my life than I am now thanks to him and his staff.They make you feel like your somebody when you go there not just a nother patient.The entire staff tries to make you feel good at every visit.I just want to thank them all. THANKS.... JOHN CLARK


Dr. Curry and his staff have been an absolute God send. I have only had a few minor bumps in the road and his staff have been great in getting things settled down and answering any questions at any time. I would definetly recommend him to anyone considering any type of weight loss program.

S Fritz

I am just so thrilled with Dr. Curry and his staff. The surgery turned out to be more successful than I could have ever imagined. I am seeing a whole new person in the mirror and the energy I have is amazing now. Journeylite, has given me a rainbow of colors to see now, where before, I could only see black and white. Thank you Journeylite for giving me my life back!

Katrina S

Thanks Dr. C. and staff for everything. My surgery has changed my life. I have had an awesome experience, and it's been a great journey

JKay R

Hello! I just got word today that my procedure is tentatively scheduled for 11/26/12! I wanted to write this for anyone considering going with Dr. Curry and his group. I am beyond pleased and so happy with everyone in this office! I made my first call to the office a little over a week ago. I explained to them I was going through a divorce and was going to lose my insurance very soon. I also told them I was due to start back in nursing school in January. They told me they would work with me and get me in as soon as they could so I would have my insurance to pay for it still. They got me in for my consult within 3 days, and I was overwhelmed with all the happy faces and friendly people in the office! The insurance lady said she was going to send it off to my insurance a few days after that. Yesterday I got a call that it was approved already! It only took 3 business days! She then said she would send everything on to the schedulers and they would call me soon. I got a call today and still expected it to be over a month from now or so. I was so happy when they said how soon! They were so awesome with helping me get this done so quickly and I couldn't be happier! Now lets hope the surgery goes well:)

Kelsey F.

I had a very good experience while in Dr. Curry's care ! Everyone was very professional and friendly as well as helpful. Thank You


It's been three weeks since my sleeve surgery. The first few hours was rough. My pain meds were making me sick. The staff was wonderful. I was home 8 hours after surgery. Since then I have slowly been losing weight and I feel great. I started out on twenty meds and now I take three. For me this was about getting off the meds and getting healthier. My husband is still taking about the staff and mentions them by name. Everyone made a good impression. They were extremely busy that day but they still took time to make us feel like we where the only ones there. Thank you all for the care I received. For me this has been a blessing. I was wearing an XL and I've been out buying M tops. I feel like a new person physically and mentally. The diabetes is controlled with 25 units of Lantus instead of 60 plus I quit the other 3 shots a day and two pills. My mind is clearer and there is no energy slumps during the day. I'm loving this. Thanks to everyone involved with my process. The whole staff works together to get you to your goal.

Charlotte S.
Sleeve patient

I have to say everyone during this experience has been super nice and has answered all my questions. I did not feel anything I have dropped 30 plus pounds with the 2 weekd pre opt diet and being a little than a week out of surgurey. I will post pics later I am glad I had it done and I am looking forward to the future.

Mike Noe

I am more than "satisfied" Dr. Curry & his staff have been great, so helpful, informative and extremely supportive! I can't Thank you all enough!

Jill S.

Just wanted to say how great I feel only one week sense I got my band. Dr.Curry and staff have been wonderful I know its just the start of my journey but looking forward to each day...

Marlene H.

I just had the sleeve 2 weeks ago, but I am no stranger to weight loss surgery. Dr Curry had to remove my lap band this past april due to complications. I am doing great so far with the sleeve. Incisions are healing, no post op issues, and I'm down 15 lbs in as many days! The most amazing thing is the difference in pain levels. The band surgery hurt much more, going in and coming out. This surgery has been a day at the beach by comparison. It's like I hardly even had surgery! The staff is great, from the approval process all the way to the post op nutrition visits...I am a satisfied customer.

Lori G.

I had the VSG. Stating weight was 221 before the per-op diet. 3 weeks after surgery, I weigh 194!! I'm now losing about a pound a day. It's great. The best part is I have no hunger!! Easy to stay on track when you aren't feeling hungry all the time. The surgery was great. Very little pain or discomfort for me. Dr. Curry is awesome as is all the staff that I meet. Only wish I'd done this years ago!!

Tammy Smith

Couldn't have had better care.

Shirley D.
London, Ky

I am a registered RN who has worked in the area of quality control for a major insurance company. I know quality of care in great detail. Dr. Curry/JOURNEYLITE is a five star organization. My treatment went just as planned. I had access to my chart 24/7 and my questions were answered in great detail. Since I started my journey I have lost 32 lbs. Thank you JOURNEYLITE!

Ann V.

I had my sleeve surgery 1 week ago today and would like to say I am very pleased with the attention and care I have received from Dr. Curry and his staff. Dr. curry visited me each day while in the hospital to be sure things were proceeding according to plan and once I was home his staff were prompt in answering my questions , such as what I could and could not drink, what was normal, etc. I feel that I couldn't have asked for better! Starting weight : 201.6 current weight: 187.4

Rash R.

I chose Dr. Curry to perform my Gastric Sleeve surgery. Let me just say that I know I made the right decision! From day one at my initial consultation, Dr. Curry and his staff were awesome! They treated me like "one of their family" each and every time I visited. The care I received throughout my journey was second to none. I would definitely recommend Dr. Curry and his staff to anyone and everyone interested in weight loss assistance. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get a great start to an exciting and healthy journey! Sincerely, Kimberly Taylor, Chillicothe, OH

Kimberly T.
Chillicothe, OH

Im so glad ive taken this step to a new and better heathly lifestyle. all the staff and dr. Curry have been wounderful in every way. esp Rebecca thank for all the help.

Brenda Snapp

This has been a great experience ! from the initial consult , to pre-op dieting then actual surgery ( 12/21 )and now post-op diet . Dr. C and his team have done a super job of support and guidance . Their care has been terrific their response to questions ( and you will have questions )is outstanding . Thanks Dr. Curry and thanks to your team.

Dave R.
Dr. C patient

I have fluctuated between being severely obese and morbidly obese since grade school. I have tried every diet, and had moderate success with some of them, but nothing ever stuck and I would find myself overeating and gaining the weight back. Several years ago I got serious about loosing the weight and had a Lap-band surgery through a different Doctor. Though I was able to finally stop gaining weight, I could not make the scale budge in the other direction either. After a long period of getting the band filled and unfilled and adjusted with no success, I finally found Dr. Curry and his team. Since starting their program a month ago I have lost about 20 pounds. Today I am 1 week post surgery for a revision from my failed lap-band to a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and I am at 298 on the scale. I haven't been able to hit 300 pounds in the last 8 years of diets and other surgeries. The Doctor and the staff are great, and the hospital stay was far better than I expected. This experience has given me hope for a better, healthier future, and it has actually been an enjoyable process. Thank you Dr. Curry + Staff!

Dan S.
Band to bypass patient

Dr. Curry and his staff are always friendly and supportive. The dieticians are positive in their support and never belittle you if you don't understand or make a mistake. After all, we are learning a whole new way to eat! The day of surgery I was treated with the utmost respect. I had no issues with the incisions and I am excited to see the new "outside" me come out of hiding!


Dr. Curry and his staff are the best medical team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They made my entire process - from pre-op consults and insurance submittal to surgery and post-op care as easy going and smooth as possible. An added bonus is the fact that most of the staff are bariatric patients as well .... including Dr. Curry, so who else would be more knowledgeable than someone who has "been there, done that"?!?! As for me, I have lost a total of 120 lbs. Gone from a size 22/24 to a size 4/6 and most importantly am no longer dealing with pre-diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, carpal tunnel and a host of other weight related illnesses and conditions. I am more active and alive than I have been in years...maybe even in my whole life... and my daughters and husband don't have a "side line" mom/wife anymore! The only regret I that I didn't do this years sooner!


Esther L.
Happy and losing!

Pretty amazing how one year can change your whole life. One year ago, Dr. Curry did the VSG and the decades of yo-yo dieting and feeling "less than" came to an abrupt end. I have lost over 100 pounds and am on my way to reaching my goal in 2013. I have 25 lbs to go. I had resisted weight loss surgery for a long time, as none of the procedures seemed right for me. I am raising a young son, have a full career and a wonderful husband...I didn't want anything to mess that up. But when the VSG came along, I knew that would work for me. And after doing a TON of research, Dr. Curry's name kept popping up again and again. Having this surgery, especially by a surgeon as experienced as Dr. Curry, was one the best decisions I have ever made. I cannot begin to describe how transformative this has been for me. I'm no longer obsessed with food, hungry or thinking about what I'm going to eat next. I was always a confident and happy person, even at my heaviest, and now my inner confidence "matches" my outer appearance. I am no longer invisible to people, I'm treated differently by strangers and, by far the most important thing, I FEEL wonderful. My fatigue is gone, my activity level is drastically increased - just because it feels GOOD to move! What a novelty. And the shopping for new clothes....oh my. This isn't for everyone, and I had an amazing recovery, completely free of side effects or complication...that's not the way it is for everyone. But. If your life is being held back by the struggle with food, your weight or the health issues that come with obesity, I want to tell you that this can be an amazing solution. I know that this is what Dr. Curry does for a living...he's a really good doctor, not a miracle worker. At the same time, I just want Dr. Curry and all the wonderfull staff people to know that my life changed profoundly on December 27, 2011. Thank you.

Carmen D
VSG patient

Dr. Curry and his crew were great to work with. They took the time needed to help me with my special requirements. They are courteous and do their best to help. I am two weeks post-op and feel great. I have lost over 16 pounds and my BP is now normal. I am looking forward to losing another 50 pounds and I know I can do it with Dr. Curry's team.

Karen G

The team at Dr. Curry's office have been a tremendous support. They help you go through each step of the process and provide clear instructions for the best possbile outcome. I was most impressed with the staff in the recovery area. The team made you feel as if you were the only one being cared for. Vicki and Audrey were great to me! :) Angela and her post op calls were priceless. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to the next two years!

JourneyLite/Dr. Curry Patient

Having the sleeve gastrectomy was the BEST thing I could have ever done for myself and my life. It is very hard to be morbidly obese in the society we live in. I have been big since kindergarten and I never really had a hard time meeting friends or being happy, but being healthy and successful was nearly impossible. I am a strong, smart, competent woman, and to have people constantly judging the person I am but my looks was devastating for me. I was 276 lbs. on my surgical date, and I have held steady around 135 for the last 2 years. I used bariatric surgery as a tool; I exercised like crazy and made the best out of my blessing. The results were so much better than I had ever hoped. Now, I feel like I can do anything! It's very unfortunate that we live in such a judgemental world, but it's great to get the chance to take advantage of that. The experience was humbling and it has changed the way I look at struggle. If you're contemplating going to Dr. Curry, I say go for it! It is absolutely worth it in the end. If anyone has any questions for me or why I chose the sleeve, or just want someone to talk to about it, email me any time! And shoot for the stars! You're more than entitled to happiness. Best of wishes!

Sleeve patient

I met the famous Dr. Curry on 1/24/2013. I live in Grove City, I was so happy to know he has an office in Grove City, easy access. I had my consultation, psych evaluation, and nutrition evaluation all in one day. I was kind of very nervous before going to meet Dr. Curry’s team. Everyone was right! He and his staff were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and down to earth. It was a great experience, I was not nervous after meeting his team. My insurance usually requires 6 months of supervised diet program, but I only have to do 3 months, that was a big relief. I can’t wait to have my vertical Sleeve surgery. I have already sent 3 family and friend to see him. I would like to say Thank You Dr. Curry and your team for making my journey so much easier.



Dr. Curry and his staff are very generous people. I was always comfortable and every need was accommodated. It makeshift decision feel like one of the best I have made!

Joe L.

The staff along with Dr. Curry have all been nothing but very professional and helpful. They are very supportive and caring also. The surgery and hospital stay were one of the best surgery/hospital experiences I have ever had. I could not recommend a better doctor or hospital based on my experience.



My husband and I decided to have gastric sleeves together. Since our first visit we have felt like we were in very capable hands. The staff have been very willing to help us. Our journey has just started and we hope doing it together will help us. We both believe we picked the right team to take us on our weight loss journey.I ave already shared info with people I work with.

Husband and Wife Happy Patients!

Thanks for the wonderful job. The Staff is effecient and respectful and the surgery seemed to go well. Also, the Dieticians seem very knowlegable.

Happy patient!

Great team. Woke up from surgery and was having a lot of pain. Even thought I didn't give them a number from 1-10 like I should have still got enough pain meds to be able to tell them how much I was hurting. This team is very good at what they do! If had to do this again knowing how much pain I would have after surgery I would want this same team. Thanks!

Sherry W.
Sleeve patient

I am 5 weeks post op having the Gastric Sleeve and it has been a great experience! The staff at Dr. Curry's office have gone above and beyond for me to get my surgery approved with the insurance and in the time that I could be off work. Dr. Curry is great and answered any questions I have had and so has his nurse Lisa and the dieticians, Erin and Rebecca! Any time I call or email, I always receive a quick response. I have not had any issues with my surgery and have healed and am moving right along with the diet (on soft solids now). I started my pre op diet on Jan 28th and lost 18 lbs before my surgery and have lost 22 since, for a total of 40 pounds in 7 weeks!! I do not regret my decision at all and am looking forward to the rest of my life!


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I really appreciate everything that you did for me to have my surgery here. I am enjoying having my sister take care of me. Thank you all for being so nice.

Satisfied Patient

Well, I met the wonderful staff and Dr Curry on May 7th, had my physc eval and nutrition eval as well. I am now scheduled for my surgery on April 29th!!! The office staff had made mu journey so far smooth and extremely fast!! I am 27 years old and have been overweigth almost my entire life. I have to babies ages 2 and 1. I want to be able to be more involved in there lifes and Dr Curry is going to make that possible! I am nervours, excited and most of all thrilled to be going through this life changing surgery!I will keep posted through out my journey


I could not have asked for a more professional staff. Every person I have come into contact with at this office have been spectacular. Thanks guys for all you do!


Dr. Curry and his staff are fabulous! I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking to have this type of procedure. If you can have your procedure done directly at JourneyLite, their facility is far better than any hospital in our area. The staff from registration to recovery are top notch! I look forward to my follow up care and continuing this Journey with them in getting Lite!

Rae Anne

Dr. Curry and his team are top notch. I have been well informed and encouraged throughout the entire process. Everyone is extremely pleasant and respond quickly to any question. I am a week out and am glad I picked Dr. Curry and his team.

John O.

I received wonderful care and great support! After joining several on line recipe and chat groups I realized how much the team of Dr. Curry offer. So many patients have questions about why they are allowed to do and eat post op and unfortunately are asking online in chat rooms because they were not prepared by their surgeon. It makes me grateful everyday that I chose such a wonderful Dr.

Heather F.
Dr. Curry's Patient

Dr. Curry and his staff gave me my life back, I was on the verge of serious kidney issues, I had high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis, since my surgery I'm am 71lbs lighter (yes 44days after) I feel 10years younger, I'm more active now and have more energy. The staff (especially Rebecca) are absolutely wonderful, their compassion for every patient is clearly visible. Not only would I recommend Dr.Curry and his staff I have already done so to a co worker.

Sherman K.
Dr. Curry's Patient

I had the stomach sleeve operation and Dr. Curry and his staff have been great from beginning to current. I had surgery two weeks ago and have already lost 35 pounds and am off most of my diabetes medication. Dr. Curry's staff has been friendly and extremely helpful through all of this and Dr. Curry has been professional and really knows his stuff . I will recommend this team of professionals to anyone considering this type of procedure.

Raymond W.
Sleeve patient

From the day I began to inquire about a weight loss program until now the staff at Journeylite have been encouraging and available for questions that needed to be answered. Dr.Curry and his staff are patient and extremely professional, kind and knowledgeable about the whole process of getting healthy and maintaining the success acquired. I would like say thanks to all the staff and Dr. Curry for everything.

I would like say thanks to all the staff and Dr. Curry for everything.
Pearlene F.

My life has just started!  For once in 51 years I'm getting off of medicince and feeling good again. With the great team that DR. Curry has put togethere.I had my stomach sleeve operation on July 15,2013. Dr Curry and his staff have been great support through it all. I highly recommend Dr. Curry and his great team , To any one considering this type of procedure. It's been along haul. But worth it. I've now lost 40lbs. Thanks to Dr Curry and his Team Donna

My life has just started!

I could not ask for a more friendly, nicer group of people taking care of me! From the initial visit to the actual surgery date, they all did any and everything to meet my needs. I am also recovering great and having no problems at all!

Jackie R.

I'm doing well, glad you were recommend to me!

Janis S.
Dr. Curry's Patient

I had the VSG surgery performed a little over two weeks ago. I have to say that overall, I am so glad I went with Doctor Curry. When I walked in the day for my surgery, I felt completely prepared on what to expect not only during the surgery but most important post op. Some major success factors for the surgery is the pre and post op diets. Doctor Curry has nutritionists on staff all the time - will respond at anytime of the hour to answer any questions and a team that makes sure the entire thing goes completely smoothly. I've had a couple of questions since my surgery, I emailed Doctor Curry directly (he gives you this) and got a response back within a few minutes directly from him. He's always available and just does an amazing job at the entire surgery. I've had no complications or issues except he did discover a hernia and repaired it while he was in there which was awesome. I've already lost around 34 pounds between the pre-op diet (which was tough) and the post op surgery diet. I'm already on puree and can't wait to start soft foods soon as I feel like I'm pretty much back to normal with no pain. I can't emphasize enough that Doctor Curry is one of the best, if you want a safe, knowledgable, and seamless surgery experience - you want to go with him. This surgery has been a life saver for me - can't thank him enough for changing my life and starting me on a different path.

Sleeve patient

I had my surgery yesterday. That was kind of a rough day today is much better. Dr. Curry was very kind and gave me excellent care. I would refer him to anyone!

Bessie M

     Dr. Currys team took great care of me and were very professional! I deeply appreciate their patience and generosity. Even though I wasn't nervous for my surgery my wife was and they were so helpful to calm her down. They checked on my all day long and gave me great advice! Today was my surgery I feel good enough to sit down and type this. Great job!!

Claude H
Sleeve patient

     I like many have fought obesity for years . I have been on every diet out there with the same results .Thanks to Dr. Curry and his staff, not only myself but my wife also are getting a real hold of the issues of obesity in our lives.  I am half way to my goal with 100% of reaching it . I originally had the Lap Band which work but I wanted more help so after about 6 years decided to have the Vertical Sleeve . Dr. Curry and his teem have been the best . My surgery with the Band & the Sleeve could not have been better. I know others how have had the same type of surgery done by others and have had difficulty just having the surgery as well as long term failure. As far as I'm am concerned Dr. Curry and Staff have been the best , Thank You . I wish all who take this road the very best on your way to a new life .

     The care I received was excellent! Maggie and Daniel did a great job keeping me comfortable and informed about every step of the process. I highly recommend Dr. Curry and his staff to anyone considering VSG.

Bob A.
Sleeve patient

     I have now finished all of my pre-op visits and waiting to have surgery in 3 weeks. So far Dr Curry & everyone of the staff members have been remarkably informative, helpful, very nice and down to earth. The facility is very clean and organized. It also helps that some of the staff have been thru the procedures as well, which is helpful. Looking forward to the rest of my journey with Dr Curry and his staff.

Zondra K.
Happy patient

     I had the VSG surgery a week ago and I am doing good. I started this process 8 months ago and the staff has been wonderful! I couldn't have picked a better Dr. and staff. I am very pleased.

Monty M

Dr. Curry has an excellent team working for him. I had a great surgical experience!

Kelli F.

     Thank YOU Dr. Curry! Your entire staff, & the professionals at Journeylite have made this experience quite the positive one. I appreciate your expertise in this matter, and am feeling well on my way to recovering fully. From the pre-op diet to today I've lost a total of 35 pounds, and plan on keeping a regimented diet & exercise routine with the help & support of my wife & family. I've had no complications whatsoever since leaving your facility, which has made the event even more positive. I wish you & your staff a very happy new year, and much prosperity in the coming months. Yours, Philip E.

Philip E
Happy Loser

Dr. Curry and his staff are the friendliest and most caring medical staff I've ever met. My experience from pre-op dieting all the way through my surgery was amazing. Thank you for changing my life.

Justina S
Surgical Weight Loss Patient

I am so happy that I had my surgery. After doing diet after diet I had decided to look further. I researched over 20 different doctors and kept coming back to Dr. Curry's website. I made the initial call that changed my life. I started at 217 lbs and am proud to say I kept all my weight off to this day and now I weigh 122.

Jennifer P.
Happy patient!

I had a gastric sleeve and lap band removal (done 5 years ago by a different & less reliable doctor) earlier today. From the get go, the staff was awesome! I am taking my pain medication and have to say I am in only moderate to mild pain. (The primary pain point for me is where the port for the band had resided.) I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Curry & all of his staff. Thanks to all of you for helping me down the path to health and fitness!

R Schwartz
Surgery Patient

LIFESAVER! AWESOME! THE BEST! I could go on forever and still not have enough great things to say about Dr. Curry and his crew!! I have my surgery over 2 years ago and have lost 155 pounds. He has enabled me to live for myself and my family. I was headed for real trouble and he saved my life!!! I love these people, they are like family and they ALL really care about each patient as if they were the only patient. Thanks for making us life survivors!!!

Christine P
Satisfied Patient

Couldn't have ask for a better team thank you!

Velma S
Satisfied Patient

     I recently had the gastric sleeve surgery at Doctor Curry's office. The staff and Doctor Curry were remarkable during the entire process. All of my questions were answered and were available 24/7. I really felt that I was going to one of the best organized group of folks that I've ever seen. The surgery itself went without a hitch, the entire time leading up to the surgery, I knew exactly what to expect and what was happening next. I have to say, all together it was such a pleasurable experience and a life changing event for me. I would recommend going to Doctor Curry regardless of where you are located - I drove 4 hours just to go to him because he's that good. I look forward to the weight loss!

David K
Satisfied Patient

At this point in my weight loss journey I could not be more pleased. The staff and Dr. Curry have been wonderful, I have been informed about each phase of my weight loss program and all of my expectations have been spot on. In a months time, beginning with my pre surgery diet, I have lost 50 lbs. I still have a ways to go, but have no doubt that I will meet my goals. Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to my new goals.

Curt D

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